Monday, December 6, 2010


I need to blog more. There are plenty of reasons that I just don't have the time it seems! I wish I could share them all but in due time! Enjoy the holidays and stay warm! We are in the midst of daily snow and loving Vermont life.....Can't wait to blog in the New Year! ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

The one with all the judgment...

I read 2 posts on facebook today that truly hit home...Basically, Moms judge. I try not to, I really do. I will laugh at another mother sweating in the grocery store only because it was me yesterday. Kids flailing, throwing meat out of the is me, all the flippin time. I try not to judge, I really do....I am not a fan of cry it out, so when I hear Moms say they let their kids cry for an hour, that kinda freaks me out. I don't say, so and so is a terrible Mother because she lets her kids cry....but if I babysat them, I just couldn't, I'd pick them up. But that is really the extent of my judging...and up until recently I always felt judged and wondered what people thought of me, my kids, my parenting, my house, my clothes, my weight...etc... One day I left James' summer camp, with him in his carseat crying, myself in tears, and Jolee crying with us for no reason. Then it hit me, my kids love me. I love my kids more than life itself. Why am I trying to be perfect? Why am I taking a super attached 4 year old to a camp he isn't ready for? Why? Wouldn't we all just be happier at home in pj's baking cookies, and watching yet another Baby Einstein dvd while building blocks? What was I thinking?

So I went home, stopped crying, put both kids in the bathtub and sang to them. For lunch we made chicken nuggets out of a bag and ate apples...on the floor of the living room, watching Baby McDonald. And they both smiled and James said "Mom, this is a great picnic."

I walked into the kitchen and cried. I cried for the worry of the past 4 years. I cried because I thought I really have been missing out enjoying LIFE, while worrying about mothering. James doesn't need camp because some stupid speech pathologist thought nature camp might help his language progression. James needed a picnic with Mommy.

So guess what? I want tonight, to write out a ton of what I used to think were my MOM FLAWS. Now I think they are my Mom badges. My kids rarely cry, and if they do it is because it is bedtime and the fun has to stop. They give me more kisses and hugs than a person could even fathom. If I dare go to the store without them, they watch me leave out the sliding glass door, and wave to me as I pull back in the driveway. They truly love me. THEY LOVE ME. I am doing "it" right. I finally get it.


-On most days, I don't get dressed until after 2pm...I shower at night, but if I am not going anywhere, why would I stress about what to wear. Yoga pants and tanks are perfect!

-Jolee uses a bottle 3 times a day at 15 months old. It's cute. She also uses a paci ALL DARN DAY! She likes it and talks a ton, so go ahead paci girl. (You can let it go at 2, or give it to a new sibling)

-Both kids take their silk blankets all over God's creation. Grocery shopping, to the farm, playdates etc....

-James is still in a 5 pt carseat and will be until he outgrows it. Jolee will ride rear facing until age 3 or whenever her tiny butt hits 35 pounds (Maybe age 9 at this rate). I think it's safer and don't care about broken legs, but internal decapitation instead.

-I am not sending my kids to school. I will homeschool them...for a ton of reasons that only matter to J and I.

-I won't defend the "socialization" crap. It's pointless.

-I don't breastfeed my kids. It hurt so bad when I tried with James. I hated the feeling and hated feeding time. So I feed them chemical formula and thank the Lord for Nestle Good Start.

-I cancelled all things language/speech related with James. It was a nightmare. I understand him, he understands us, and if I have to wait until Jolee teaches him how to speak properly I will.

-I rarely mop my floors. I vacuum a TON, but goodness I hate mopping. I will swiffer wet jet sometimes, but I hate mopping.

- We are not spankers and never will be. We don't so much as swat hands. Time outs work for us and if they don't one day, we will implement something new. But I won't ever spank my unruly children.

-I'm never paying for college for my kids. I don't care if we are billionaires. We're not paying. No one paid for us and if you don't watch your hard earned money go to University blah blah blah, you won't appreciate your education Gaz kids.

-And I am probably not buying/giving you a car either. So just don't ask.

-And cell're not getting them either...until you can pay for them yourselves.

-I don't vaccinate my kids until they are older babies/toddlers. And I don't ever give the flu shot, or the swine, or the equine or whatever the heck else there is...I hate vaccines but know some are necessary.

-I feed organic baby food, if it is cheap (like here in Vermont), otherwise you are eating the pesticide filled stuff.

-And you're not wearing organic clothing because I bathe you in Aveeno or Johnson and Johnson. Those are laced with chemicals so why try to cover the chemicals in organic clothing?

-I have safety crap all over the house. I will keep it all up until the last baby is like 7. I constantly think you kids are going to kill yourselves on something so the baby safe crap helps me a little.

-I read Ok, Star, People, Us weekly and all that other junk you see in line at Walms. I like it.

-I watch The Duggars, but also Jersey Shore. I do. I like Snooki.

-I watch Real Housewives too.

-My kids eat candy, hot dogs, fries, but also veggies, fish and salad. I give them sugar because I think it's ok.

-We read like 15 books a day, but we also watch quite a bit of kiddie movies. We like Baby Einstein, Thomas, Disney Pixar and a bunch of other stuff!

-I leave the tv on a lot...Mostly it is Fox News because I am way too right-winged...but that stupid thing is always on.

-We drive a huge SUV that I am sure leaves a GIANT DINOSAUR size carbon footprint. I don't care really because I don't believe in global warming.

-I potty train when my kids are good and ready. I did have a 35 pound 3 years, 2 months child at the playground in a pullup. When he was ready a month later, he ditched all things pullup in a week, even at night. Jolee seems interested now, so maybe she'll be quicker?

And there are a MILLION other things about me as a person and a Mom that would make some people cringe....But the 2 littles in the picture above think I'm great. And since they are really all that matters...I should get back to our fruit snacks and dvds.....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Footie jammies, freezing temps, and frost!

It's that cold here. We have had a few 30 degree nights and it is in the low 50s during the day....chilly! I am so thrilled with the weather here and wish Vermont were our permanent home. James, Jolee, and I go outside everyday after nap and the kids just run run run! Jolee loves picking the last of the cherry tomatoes from the garden (everything else has been raked over and prepared for next Spring), collecting rocks and apples with James, and playing in the playhouse. James is a master on the swings and loves playing "Three Little Pigs". Of course I get to take on the role of Big Bad Wolf. We also have a budding soccer star in Jolee, mini Mia....she loves kicking the soccer ball around the yard and rarely picks up the ball (unlike James)...His idea of sports is taking the ball and running and hiding with it. Hide and seek is a new love as well...When I search for him, he cracks up so I have to pretend I don't hear him! Too cute! He loves dressing up as a pirate, a fireman, a farmer and a doctor....Some days he is Amos from Fox and the Hound and some days he is Fireman Sam....ya never know. He is so imaginative it cracks me up.

When something was on the heating element of the dishwasher he told me, "Mom, what's that smell?" I told him what it was and he said "Mom, it's ok, I be a fireman, I jus' need some water," and proceeded to grab a throw blanket and use it as a hose! If someone gets hurt, mainly Jolee or myself, he tells us "It's ok Mom/Jolee, you be ok, I a doctor, I fix it and make it all better."....So many aspirations for a 4 year old, haha!

J and J have their first photo shoot tomorrow in Montpelier. I good friend, who makes Jolee's tutus is a photographer and taking some fall shots for us! I cannot wait to see how they turn out and will be armed with plenty of bribes (pez candy, lollipops etc...)

James and I are learning some things about homeschooling, which is fun....I am learning that quite a few tactics I thought would work, totally DO NOT. haha...It really is a job that I am taking on, but I know totally worth it. One curriculum I bought isn't necessarily the best fit or James, but I can tell will work wonders with is story/reading based and while he loves reading, he needs more hands on I tweaked it some and am saving some of the reading for Kindergarten. Social skills and emotional skills are what we are working most on....He is way ahead in counting, shapes, colors and I don't want to jinx myself but phonics. He is reading lots of 3 letter words by sounding them out and even has quite a few sight words memorized. He now asks me what each word in a book I am now going to sit back and let the reading happen naturally for a bit and work more on life skills. We need inside voice help (haha, so do I!), listening skills, obeying other adults, sitting quietly for longer than 5 seconds, and the like! haha....I can't really doing any of those so he is pretty much screwed ;) My kids are loud because I am loud. I can't very well say "Please use your inside voice" and then scream at the dog to stop barking...So they are pretty much going to be socially awkward not because they are homeschooled, but because I am socially awkward and their mother. And since I am laying it out there, they are going to be annoyingly quirky. I had to have clothes fit a certain way, bows in my hair a certain way, and I still to this day have a million quirks like that. We're loud and quirky. I think I should change my blog name to that....

Did I mention it's cold here? It I need a pumpkin spice coffee, but no matter what I do, I can't make mine taste like the Dunkin Donuts one. And we don't have pumpkin spice creamer in my grocery store....What does a girl do?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A full night of sleep....

I finally got one! Jolee and I have kinda been coming back from colds so it was sooooo amazing to actually have to wake her up this morning to get out of the house for Storytime! She is even napping right now as I sip my first cup of coffee for the day!

I did want to finally update a bit on the kiddos and life in chilly Vermont! I can't believe that we are already having 30 degree nights! I am trying to conserve the propane before the winter hits but do break down and run the heat at night. There is only so many blanket sleepers and covers I can keep the kids under! Vermont is gorgeous. I think my heart will secretly always long to be here. I love it. My kids are so happy here and so are J and I. We walk to our neighbors farm to pet some sheep and get eggs from the hens. James is so carefree here! He has developed an almost unhealthy obsession with all things farm. I don't know if trains have the number one spot in his life anymore! Can you believe it? So this year, it's all farm. He even wears a farm hat and calls himself "Farmer Jed" at times! (Farmer Jed is a character in a few of our books)....

Homeschool is coming along well, although we don't stress too much about it. Even kindergarten will be a bit lax here....James knows most of what is taught in kindergarten so we are working more on life skills like listening, obeying, proper tone in different situations, personal space, chores, telling time, counting, and those sorts of things. He has come very close to closing the gap with his speech delay. We are no longer getting help for it and he is rapidly improving. We don't notice much of a difference between him and his friends/other littles. He does talk a ton more than most kids so we are working on getting him to slow down and let others speak...but heck, I am still working on that for myself!

Jolee is a tiny firecracker! She is a world different than James was and is. She has an attitude like you wouldn't believe, yet she is a snuggly little Mama's girl. She loves music, rocking with Mama, being carried in a sling, strolling, her sleep-time baba's, her pacis, and all things girly. She loves wearing the shoes of everyone in the house! Her tutu collection has grown to 4, and she twirls away in them! I can't believe how well she sits at times for me to read to her, to do her hair, or just allow me to hold her. I never got that with Jamesie! Off the top of my head she says, Mama, Dada, Baba, Up, down, ow-side, Dah! (James), dog, dog (we have 2), yum, ball, uhs sat? (what's that?) and I am sure a few more. She is very vocal and doesn't babble as much as James did, but is trying to make words for things! Too fun!. She loves taking her Cabbage Patch doll on walks around the house in its stroller...and often takes the baby out by the hair, kisses its mouth, and tosses it aside to run faster with the stroller! Love it!

We had family in town and visited an amazing Vermont working farm. I will definitely be getting a membership next year for our family. There was sooooo much to do, and it was very hands-on for kiddos! Had a ball.

Jarrod is well into his master's degree and working very hard at it. He has gotten all A's, but spends a ton of time on schoolwork. I can't wait to see him graduate in the summer! He is also still loving his job here and I am sure will miss it when our time is up. We have been attending a lovely church since May and have developed quite a few great friendships. We are very involved at church and even sponsor ROTC students on Sundays. It is fun to bring a group of kids back to eat, watch football, and let them call home, sleep, and just get away. I am so glad that our church families know the importance of that for college students. Jarrod took advantage of that at the Naval Academy too!

We spend our weekends keeping warm, watching a TON of football thanks to the NFL ticket, and just enjoying lots of family time! I need to posts some pictures on here soon but never can find the time! Hope everyone is well, and getting ready for fall! We sure are in it here!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm about as crazy as they come...

I am just going to go out on a limb and say it....I barely sleep through one night a week and we actually have a Dr.'s appt planned for preconception counseling. You heard it. We want another baby. None of it makes sense. I just knew, every time I wanted to "try" for a baby, that THAT was the right time...and I feel it again...and of course, Jarrod is on board...Having a baby to him, is just another thing we do round these parts, haha! Kidding....but yeah, it makes no sense....I barely function now because Jolee is beyond high maintenance...but we thrive on chaos, always why start trying to make life easy now right?

I need advice though...and I guess since this is my blog I can be up front and tell you what kind of advice I want and the kind that makes me cringe that I will never listen to....I need advice on how to help my 4 year old son stay in his bed all night. He goes to bed ok, but he used to go to bed and stay asleep amazingly! Now, not so much...the scaries seem to have entered his mind. He rarely watches anything but educational shows but for some reason he is "scared of the dark" and "scared of monsters"...I've tried a lot of things and he is starting to go down fine on his own but there are some nights where he panics and I have to lay with him until he falls asleep....I would suffer through that if he stayed asleep but why on earth is he getting up EVERY night at 2-3am? Literally EVERY night for months...I need to get it to stop because we are starting to plan for baby 3 and I cannot suffer through newborn/2 year old/4 year old night drama!

I am more of an attachment parent cry it out advice, don't give it....I don't let my children cry for very long....and I don't lock kids in rooms, or add barriers to keep them in their rooms because James often goes potty at night and I don't want to have him having accidents. I like comforting, nuturing, caring methods...those are the only ones I will try....So maybe there are no tips for people like me then huh? ;) We have a great routine and our nighttime routine is very structured but I just can't get him to STAY asleep! Any ideas?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I wish I had a real life homeschool friend.

I need someone to share my joys with now, and maybe troubles or frustrations later. We are only 2 days in and I am sooooo happy with our decision to take this on. I don't know who is going to learn more, me or the kids....It's so fun to actually see what their faces look like when they "get" something. Listening to James retell me a story he learned (one without pictures) is just amazing. Watching the "ah-ha" moments....and getting to lay on the couch with silky (yes, silky blanket is still a major part of his life) and read our first bible story about creation...hearing James say "God made the sky and called it heaven, and the sheep and the rats Mom"....And cracking up that yes indeed God made the rats but really, have you ever even seen a rat? haha....

Fun fun. I never really knew how much James really has absorbed these 4 years, but it is all coming out so clearly now and I feel so blessed to be providing this for him. I have no idea what each day will bring, but that is also fun. Yesterday we got an earlier start and things did not go so well. After we waited a few hours for James to get some energy out, he breezed through our activities for the day. So today, we started later and had such a great time! Like Mama, James is not a morning person. And we get to save an activity for Daddy to teach at bedtime, which is even better! Daddy gets in on school too! Love it, so much!

So on the agenda for the fall (once school here starts), we have storytime at the Library, preschool gym, homeschool ice skating, hockey and potentially karate for some discipline training.....but for now we are diving into our school curriculum early to start next summer early....and to get an idea of how well this will work! Stay tuned for the ups and downs of homeschool pre-k!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A killer among us...well, just me.

Jolee Ruth....good golly if I survive her toddler years, it will in fact make headline news. 13 months old tomorrow, but I feel as if I've known her all my life. 19 pounds of energy that storms through the house creating major chaos. How can such a tiny, beautiful, blonde bundle of love make me want to run outside clutching my chest hoping someone drives by and takes me away? HAHAHA....that was a fake laugh. I am afraid of her. She might, just might, actually kill me one day.

It could be her incredibly sharp fingernails that grow long overnight slashing my face, or her super(tiny)human clenching fists ripping apart my neck, or she might bash her head into my face one too many times. She really is going to kill me. And I really am afraid of her. ;)

If this is already happening at 12 months and 30 days, what the heck am I going to do at age 2? Age 12? and seriously, How could I ever make it out of age 16? I don't think I can. I would chalk it up to her being "aggressive" if it happened to anyone else. But at a park with a bunch of other tots, she will lovingly hold onto and rub my leg. She will hold her hands up and say "Mama, puh" (up)...she won't dare touch any other child...She occassionally pushes her back into James, and once or twice has struck Jarrod, but Me? Come on, it's a daily thing...I get smacked, squeezed, pinched, and even laughed at, every single darn day.

I should have just asked the Dr. to put her back in when she came out screaming (with a cord wrapped twice around her neck) did she even get a scream out? If I didn't ask then, I most surely should have asked as the TWO nurses tried to pry her tiny little hand off her cord. I saw that death grip then...Should have known.

My Mom laughs when I call her saying "Mom, this girl is going to kill me." She thinks it hilarious when I walk out of the room and she hears Jolee scream for me. "Ma! Ma!"...She thinks it's cute. I was a raging lunatic of a baby, but I loved my Mother. I would scream for her because I always had to be near in that sense, Jolee is definitely "her mother's child"...but I think her intentions are a BIT different.

And I wonder how cute my Mom will think it is when she sees me on a clip on the news laying on the floor with a phone in my hand and Jolee standing over my lifeless body? Cute Mom?

I will win this battle one day though....When some handsome young gentleman comes to us asking for her hand in marriage, I will be the first to say "Of course you can marry my daughter", all the while thinking, "Now I'll watch for that clip of YOU on the news buddy."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rocking in my chair....

I just spent the last hour looking at pictures of my babies. Not pictures from this month, or even this year...but Jolee's birth, James' third birthday, my pregnancies...and I remember it all. I remember my feelings while pregnant with James...I was clueless. I was elated....I really had no idea how amazing motherhood could be....and then seeing pictures from Jolee's birth...I remember EVERY single night of my pregnancy praying I'd meet my baby one day. I remember rocking in the rocking chair I used with James, begging God for this baby....and running outside late one night in Georgia, begging for her life....I remember holding James in that very same rocker after we said goodbye to Jack, and sitting in that chair alone having no words for Jesus after I said goodbye to Baby Hope....ah, that sweet sweet rocking chair. It's as if it has become a part of me....Over the past 5 years I have spent many sweet moments in that's been spit up on, probably pooped on ;), reupholstered (thankfully), and loved...I sang "Old McDonald" to James in it when I rocked him to sleep for 2 years. I read pregnancy magazines and "What to Expect" books there. I read "Pregnancy after loss" there. I read countless psalms there as well....I have no idea why I even thought of my chair tonight....but for now, this pretty red rocking chair with the Ladybug blanket on it is used for me and my girl. My little blonde ladybug...My little tiny miracle girl....Every night, and every nap, of every day, we sing Amazing's the only song she'll fall asleep to...She puts her hand in the air while I sing...just like she does in church on Sunday mornings...and now in my chair....the words come easy...

Thank you Jesus ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Letting some things go....

Summer camp only worked for 1 day. I cried the second and third day as I had to chase James down as he ran to my car. I did the best I could but he stayed with me those days....I am learning to embrace James' quirks and understand that I too was a quirky kiddo. There may/may not be something else to it but we are embracing our children and doing with them, what makes THEM happy. We may be dealing with a little something else by way of social/emotional things but James is James and I love that about him. :)

This summer I am going to take a little time away from hectic things...less time running to "events" or organized things and spending a bit more time watching my half dressed kids drip popsicles on themselves on my porches. Because really, when you look back on your childhood, do you remember the number of times Mommy took you to this or that, or do you remember Mommy on the porch with you? Do you remember that you sat quietly in a circle listening to stories at the library or do you remember Mommy making shadow animals on the wall and telling you about "Going on a bear hunt"...Every night James says "Mommy, we going on a bear hunt?" as I read to him in bed...He never says, "Mommy are we going to storytime tomorrow?"....Ah, my sweet boy :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bullet points are annoying...

- It's hot. Vermonters need AC. It feels like we are sandwiched in between a few mountains and the heat just suffocates us. It is like 75-80 degrees that I am talking about.
- I need to get a grip and embrace the fact that it is warm for 2 months out of 12.
- I'm still sweating in my non-ait conditioned house.
- We joined a new church that is amazing! James loves the kids program/nursery and we love the people we are meeting.
- Jolee hates the kids program...ok, well she hates being away from Mama.
- Mama is going to work the nursery in 2 weeks to help her get adjusted! ;)
- Our pastor and youth pastor baptized 7 people today....3 adults and 4 teens.
- Baptism's are beautiful and bring tears to my eyes.
- I was baptized in a lake when I was 14 and remember it, and the way I felt like it were yesterday.
- I am so happy we have found a church home.
- We are finally making friends and our days are really busy! James is having a ball!
- He heads to half day summer camp tomorrow and I am about to puke.
- I worry about him getting lost, drowning, child molesters, giant bugs biting him, someone making fun of him, and even crazier stuff.
- I am so glad we are homeschoolers and I don't have to almost puke every school year.
- Our homeschool things arrived and I was going to start this summer but our summer filled up so fall it is!
- Jolee is running. Not walking...It's beyond crazy how fast she is. She is actually a better, faster, walker than James was even though he was earlier. She walks in shoes like she has been doing it for years, instead of just a month!
- She says "Mama" "Dada" "Baba" and "DAH" for James....She actually stands at the gate and yells "DAH!" until he comes and talks to her!
- Pork's shock collar is the best 200 bucks we've ever spent. He goes from barking loud to instant peaceful silence each morning and remains quiet for the entire day.
- Our garden is absolutely hilarious! It is growing like mad and we can't eat enough salad to save our lettuce. We are resorting to giving it away! I can't wait to plant more next year!
- Vermont birds are fat. We fill our feeder in the evening and it is gone by morning...I don't even get to see the darn things eat!
- Stevie the Beavie, actually a woodchuck, has 2 fat friends/family members.
- Woodchucks do not eat goldfish crackers, nor do they move when you throw the fish at them.
- Peta would not appreciate the above statement.
- We have a busy summer planned with trips to MD and WA and possibly Canada.
- We bought a new Yukon and it could fit 4 more people than we have in this house in it.
- We better start working to fill it.
- Gas will most assuredly hit 4 bucks a gallon now that we bought that thing!
- I rarely blog anymore because my kids tire me out! I don't even have time to shower some days and I'd much rather read more interesting blogs than writing in my own....I'm quite boring huh?


Thursday, June 3, 2010


I really am a bad blogger. It is only going to get worse as the kids get older, J heads back to sea tour, etc etc.... I really try to keep a log somewhere of the kids/our happenings but I get so tied up! Lately it has been keeping the floors somewhat clean, getting our homeschooling curriculums together, and gardening to name a few! I cannot believe how busy I am with 2 kids! And I want more? Ah, crazy!

We are enjoying shore tour so much! I really love Vermont and am finding out that I get along best in life in quiet places like this. I don't want to move back to a big city ever. I like breathing fresh mountain air, drinking freezing cold spring water, watching our trout jump in the pond, feeding treats to neighbor dogs, saying hello to the mailman as he drives packages down my long drive to my door, meeting new friends at an amazing church, watching James run into the nursery and hate to leave, watching lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, cukes, and broccoli grow like crazy in my own garden, and just plain enjoying the peace that comes with country-esque living. I could live here, forever. Jarrod works a mile away and is home every day for lunch....I have no idea how I will ever be able to leave this place....

That said, our marriage, our family life, our parenting has never been more fulfilling then now....

I am anxious to start our homeschool journey with James when our things arrive. We have enough to get us through until about age 7 so hopefully we love it all! We won't necessarily stick to a class type routine and we also won't completely "unschool", but a mixture of a few techniques. There are so many families here in Vermont that homeschool which is even more exciting. Although I won't normally "school" in the summer, we are getting started a bit this summer for language purposes...When we do officially start (at age 6 when it is required) we will "do school" about 4 days a week (a few hours a day at most) and leave at least one day for helping Mom with errands! Very happy we have chosen this!

Our summer is going to be quite exciting with a trip to see Thomas the train in New Hampshire followed by a long vacation in Maryland. With only a week at home, we will then head to Washington state for another long vacation. Hopefully squeezing in a trip to Quebec, our kids are really in for a busy time. In just a few weeks James will also hit a summer day camp! I hope he loves it! It is only for about 3.5 hours a day and I think he will do great!

Jolee is 10 months old and walking, another early one! I really thought/hoped she'd be later but here we are again at 10 months chasing little feet! She is so proud of herself and desperately tries to keep up with James and the dogs! She is THE loudest human being I have ever heard...and I am so glad. She needs a big voice for that tiny body! She grew in my belly as fiesty as ever, came out screaming and has never quieted since. She is the sweetest little girl I have ever met! I love watching her beautiful smile as she lights up at James, and then even her clenched fists when she hears, "no no"....She is going to give us a run for our money!

Busy busy bees we are...and loving life here! We see new creatures daily here and love adapting our lives to Vermont. I am pretty proud that we can move anywhere and figure out how to make it work....although this place sure does make it easy!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I should take medication...

seriously. I have a problem. A HUGE problem. Worry. I am constantly worried about EVERYTHING in/outside of our home. See, I am going to explain just this once how difficult it is moving so often. For those who don't know, J and I have been married for 5 years at the end of this month. We have lived in Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and now Vermont. I love moving and seeing new places. I love changing houses because whatever annoys me about one house, most likely won't be in the next home. In SC it was waterbugs, haha cockroaches in base housing. In Georgia it was the biting EVERYTHING, frogs, and constant humidity and heat. In Virginia it was the cockroaches again. I love how every state calls these darn bugs something other than what they truly are...COCKROACHES. haha....Here in VT nothing really annoys me too bad although we have a ladybug infestation.

Ladybugs, you all know I love them because I call Jolee Ladybug. How could I not like them? all of my moves into new homes in new places I constantly have to make someone else's home fit my family. I always need new curtains, new rods, new...well you get the idea. I also have to child-proof all homes I move into. Not only is it costly but goodness I've had to do it a lot. So we found this amazing home in Vermont. I love it. BUT, yes, another is totally not easy to childproof this place.

I worry daily that the kids are going to hang themselves on blind cords, fall out the the high windows to their deaths, hit their heads on the big boulders I have Jarrod move huge rocks, I cut all the blind cords but for the life of me I can't get the windows right....We basically live in a home built on the side of a giant hill in the mountains. If someone were to fall out a window, we are looking at over 3 stories. And in VT noone has Air Condition because well 75% of the year it is cold.

But, it is hot today, and was yesterday....I am sweating. I HAVE to open windows. They all open from the top or bottom so I thought I hit the jackpot...just open them from the top and the kids can't reach them. Yeah right....on say 3 of 12 or more windows, this works...But on the rest, you can open from the top and still slide the whole darn thing up....I HAVE to open my windows or we will die, maybe not die but you know what I mean.

I wouldn't worry so much if my kids weren't such Evel Kinevel's. James wraps cords around his neck, often asks me if he can "jump off dis mountain (the bunkbed), couch dives daily, and has been standing in my window sills (remember 3 stories)...Jolee can crawl stairs, not kidding. She is faster than any baby I've ever seen. My kids are like circus freaks. When I go places and someone says "Oh don't worry, they can't break anything", I always respond, "you've never met my kids, they could burn a padded room to the ground."

So it's hot, and I am worried that my kids are going to plummet to their deaths if I don't figure out a workable solution for these windows. And can I just tell you that there are 16 that I want to open. I did just count them. So whatever I do, I have to do 16 times, each morning when I want them open, and each night when I want some closed.

And don't even get me started on baby gates. Jolee pulled one on herself last week. I invested 100 bucks in 1 gate for the deadly basement stairs, and now need something for the upstairs.

I also need a good shrink to help me stop picturing my bloodied, injured children everywhere. Someone help me....;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The one with my first 911 call....

Everyone is and was ok...Thankfully. I want to blog about this morning's experience because I am semi-proud of the way I handled a could-have-been deadly emergency....I was feeding Buggy in her high chair this morning while James played in the kitchen. The phone rang and it was my sister. After about 5 minutes of talking to her, a red pickup pulled into my driveway. A young man got out and approached my landlord's woodshed. I am always nervous when someone unknown comes to the house because I am a Mom first, and worry about someone harming me or the kids. (I also grew up in Baltimore City where gunshots were heard often and men kept their families hostage, happened often there and was scary)...So every single time, no matter where I live, someone unknown approaches my home, I immediately label them a rapist/murderer. I'm not's just my paranoia. So I told my sister that a strange man pulled up and if he didn't leave soon or acted odd, that I would hang up with her and call 911. A few moments later the man must have seen me at the sliding door and started walking to the door. I got nervous and was telling my sister (who was in MD) on the phone, what was transpiring. He came to the door and did not say a word. I looked at all 3 doors and made sure they were locked. I moved the phone away from my face and said "Can I help you sir?" He stared at me. Never said a word. I said "Sir (louder) Can I help you?" He looked down at James at my feet and then me. Never spoke. As a matter of fact, I gave a detailed description of the man, but made note that his mouth never opened the entire time I saw him. (In my mind, this made him a killer)...

I know I can be irrational but I had to think of my kids. Why was someone standing at my door, not knocking, looking at me, and not speaking?

I grabbed James and Buggy was on my hip, so we darted downstairs. The dogs were in crates but I immediately let them out and told Pork, "Go get him!" I hung up and called 911. I gave them my info and was truly panicked. I thought he was there to do me harm, and kill us. He was giving me no other indication that he was there for a good reason. I glanced back up the stairs and saw him still looking at Pork. In my mind, I thought he was contemplating breaking in. What would he do with the dogs, the kids, me? I have never been so scared in my life. I begged the cops to let me off the phone to call J because he can get here in 90 seconds. I had to stay on the line. I asked if I should run out the back, if he were to enter....they said, hold on ma'am, the officers are almost there...What felt like 20 minutes, but I am sure was 4, Jarrod arrived (my mother and sister had called him) and the cops pulled in right behind him. I was ok. The man had left and we would soon find out that our landlord had sent him to the site to get a hose out of the woodshed. He was hard of hearing and couldn't hear me yelling through the door.

I know it sounds fishy, and to me, it is. In Maryland if you come to someone's door, you need to knock, or talk, and let your business be known. The consensus is that he saw me on the phone and thought I was going to hang up to open the door, so he could tell me why he was there. I don't open my doors. He was trying to be polite and waited for me. I thought it was creepy and still do. He was there innocently, and we are safe so that is the end for me....I did think of multiple scenarios, where to keep the kids safe, if I could safely get to our guns without being seen, and the like. I was a sobbing mess and almost threw up when I saw Jarrod and the police. This town is small, and very safe...but in my mind, that is where things like this happen. I won't ever be too careful when it comes to mine and my children's safety. Now our landlord is going to give us notice if anyone is to stop by on the property and I am to continue calling 911 if I am not notified.

I can tell you I am actually in pain right now because of adrenaline. I picture him breaking a door and killing us....Luckily I acted safely as best I could, and I didn't run upstairs like the idiots in horror movies....which I really have no business watching.

Since J brought 2 marines home with him, and this all ended up being a very innocent misunderstanding, I will probably now be known, in this tiny town, as the crazy lady who thinks everyone in town is a murderer...Maybe one day my paranoia might save one of our lives....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't worry, there are no pictures....

I lost my camera. Our 120 plus pictures from our Disney World trip are now non-existent. We have a few from our Disney Photo pass card but that is it. I'm sad. My daughter's first airplane pictures....My son's first roller coaster, no pictures. I'll stop now. I decided I am going to make a list of highlights for my own record. I am going to scrapbook them with the few pictures I do have, and the tickets and what not...So some great memories were had...

-Both kids did amazing on both flights! Jolee slept a lot and James watched Peter Pan...They are great travelers.

-Wilderness Lodge was beautiful, the food even better. I actually went on vacation for 9 days and never gained a pound!

-We were elated to see the towel characters that the staff left on our beds for us...a bunny, a turtle, and a towel-igator! They were adorable!

-The transportation was great! We didn't have to drive at all and were always lucky to get buses fast!

-My heavenly double jogger stroller that James preferred to sit in often. Both kids were great in it and shared blankets...4 must be the magical age for wanting a ride!

-James caught a 24 hour stomach bug and puked in the resort pool...they had to shut it down to clean...the Gaz kids don't mess around.

-We ate every last snack and meal on our dining plan and won't ever go to Disney again without a meal plan! We saved so much money and the ease of getting food made the trip.

-Both kids got lots of souveniers and we only spent $336 bucks the whole week (above the cost of the trip)...including a giant Mickey train that James adores!

-Jolee got her first pink Mickey ears and a Baby's First Christmas ornament (yes we forgot it this year)...

-A tinkerbell costume on a baby is to die for!

-James hated all shows. We left Lion King early at Animal Kingdom, and sat for 3 minutes at Nemo and had to leave before it started. He freaked at every show....

-except for Country Bear Jamboree, but he was exhausted and it was approaching 10pm so he must have been delirious.

-He refused to ride Dumbo, Snow White, and most rides, but rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a roller coaster. I can't figure it out either.

-We rode It's a small world 3 times, and Peter Pan twice...He has a fondness for Captain Hook!

-Jolee lost a shoe at Downtown Disney. I checked Lost and Found twice but never came up with it. Thankfully it was a Babies R Us shoe and not a pediped.

-We lost a bottle there too...and a camera we will stop talking about soon.

-Jolee tried to lose another shoe at the wedding but I found it.

-We gave up on shoes and socks.

-Jarrod and I drank at Epcot, I had 2 or 3 drinks (a margarita in Mexico that was sooooo strong, champagne in France, and wine in Italy)...Jarrod drank a beer from each country except Canada, we couldn't find the Canadian beer.

-We rode one ride at Epcot and bolted for the World Showcase, we had a ball!

-We visited the train display in Germany 3 times. It might have been James' fave inspired the purchase of the Micky train (which is giant!)

-Animal Kingdom was fun, I wish we could have seen more shows....J did get to see Lion King while James and I waited outside. Jolee passed out in Jarrod's arms after 5 minutes so he watched the show alone.

-J also rode some "big kid" rides alone too, but Fastpass made it fun!

-J and James rode Kali River Rapids, a semi-big kid ride.

-We went to Downtown Disney 3 times and loved it every time!

-We had Ghirardelli ice cream while the kids napped in the stroller.

-We ate at T-Rex without waiting in line...Don't try for reservations, they only book 10%, the rest is first come- first serve...

-I had grilled shrimp that I can still remember were DELICIOUS!

-James hated the whole experience and the lifelike mammoth we sat under. Maybe it was because they come to life every 10 minutes.

-Jarrod and I got drinks there too.

-We drank daily and yes, had the kids with us...perks of free transportation.

-We went to Lego-World with the rest of the's not that great. The statues are amazing and we took great pics there, ugh. But the big kids take up all the lego building tables.

-People are rude and don't let strollers through anywhere.

-Jarrod runs our giant jogger into those people.

-They probably won't cut off strollers anymore.

-We watched the Electro-Magic Parade and Jolee was in awe of all the lights. She sat on Daddy's lap and just stared at everything.

-We made a dash from frontierland to the front entrance before the fireworks to avoid that chaos.

-We made it to the ferry in time to see the fireworks!

-Our ferry almost ran aground on the way back to the Wilderness Lodge. Trees came into the ferry seconds after Jarrod said "I think this guy is about to run us aground."

-I asked Jarrod on the trip if he knew how to drive a boat. What was I even thinking? Navy, submariner, multi-million dollar piece of machinery...yeah, totally forgot all that.

-Jarrod wore a Mickey shirt to Disney and it rocked...James had a retro one as well.

-James and J drove the cars at Tomorrowland and James carried his little paper license around all day.

-Jolee loved her pouch style food and Daddy even squirted it right into her mouth. He also gave her her first taste of ice cream. She is a Daddy's girl.

-James cried waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean but I love that ride and forced him to ride...He finally liked it at the end....Jolee loved everything.

I am so sad that my bag broke on the plane and the contents went everywhere. I wish we had triple checked for everything and I might not have left the camera on the aircraft. I still hold out hope that it is making it's way to the Dallas Lost and found headquarters. There were over 120 pictures of the kids, our family, and our amazing time. I wish I had more to show my kids one day....And I promise to take them back one day soon to recreate a lot of what we did.

We truly had an amazing time at a magical place!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My littles....

Bubba turns 4 in a few weeks. Lord, where does the time go, and can you just slow it a little? I can't believe it has been 4 years since I became a mother. It seems like just yesterday I was begging you for another child. I never understood. I never came to terms....until she was born...and then life changed. You answered my prayer and I cherish every moment you allow me with them. Thank you for blessing me. Thank you for picking me to be their mother. I am very honored and am forever thankful.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Formidable Fours?

Oh lordie be! The past 2 nights James has been in bed before 7pm. He never really dabbled in the "NO!" stage when most kids do around age 2. Oh my word, he is now. He is finally telling us "NO!" at everything. It is exhausting! He had 7 timeouts yesterday. 7. He also went to bed without books for both nights because of the NO drama....I really hope age 4 is not like this the whole year!

Both kids are semi-sick...I say that because their colds are almost gone. Ugh, we have had them for over a week. We leave this weekend for our trip and I hope they are both better. A lot of time, energy, and money went into this first real vacation for our family. We travel a lot to see family, but this is really our first, long, only us type vacay. We cannot wait. I hope both kids have a great time and we hear fewer "No!'s" haha....

Spartacus: Blood and Sand...hmmm we just started watching it because we like all things Rome and history...but I can't even begin to describe it. Do not watch it EVER if there is a child of ANY age in the room. No baby, toddler, preschooler, adolescent, tween, teen or even college kid should see this! GRAPHIC...I love the historical aspect, and the storylines but I cannot wrap my mind around the nudity (EVERYTHING) and language...Does anyone else watch this? We just started but I don't know if I will continue, I really love the storyline though....gladiators, slaves set free, royalty, honor...but the blatant EVERYTHING is harsh.

Kell on Earth, totally cool. I am dvr'ing that tonight...My slow mornings of feeding the kids in my jammies and thinking about our day is SOOOOOO opposite of this crazy woman. And for the record I watch crap tv, in case you haven't noticed. I seriously watch things that could not be farther from my own life. Real housewives...yup, like it. I like those types of shows because maybe, hmmm....I get to see how people so different from me live.

My very favorite show however, is The Duggars. Isn't that funny? I bet the walls would melt in that house if Spartacus were on! My views are definitely more Duggarish than anything else so that is where my heart is....Pardon me Michelle and Jim Bob, J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J, J ...JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ...I am going to watch Spartacus now.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The One With All The Baby Crap, no not actual crap....

Disney World. 2 weeks away. And I am already stressing about the mounds of baby crap I need to pack. First let me tell you that we are staying at a Disney resort for 5 days and then heading to Jax for a wedding for 3 days. Soooooo, we are not renting a vehicle until the drive to Jax. What's the point? We can get a ride anywhere we need to go in Disney....that being said....I hate not having a car. But I also hate wasting money so we shall make do. Not having a car means taking ALL of Jolee's needs with us. Luckily we are flying on Southwest and can check 8+ things for free, although I need nowhere near that number...But packing diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, pack and play, sheets, ugh, babies need a lot of CRAP! So I already started slowly thinking of what we need. Swimsuits, sunscreen, stroller, jackets (not snowsuits), 2 carseats...ok I'll stop. You get the point. I'll forget something...probably one of my children. But I really cannot wait.

We are going as four and I think that is amazing. We are blessed. We have visited MANY places and seen many things together. But this is Jolee's first real trip and to Disney World of all places! Going to be amazing! ...

My new favorite show to DVR is Giuliana and Bill. I think they are such an adorable couple, and so hilarious! And now I want to watch the new Parenthood show coming on. Tuesday night is our tv night, there is AI, Lost, Paranormal State, and now Parenthood. Thank you Direct tv for DVR or we'd never know which show to choose, haha.

Ok my ladybug is starting to whine and I got like hmmm, zero sleep last I better run!

Monday, February 22, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Yes, to the sound of music! ;) Love that movie! So I have always wanted to do a favorite things post! Now just so you know, my favorites DO change....and since these faves are baby/toddler things I can tell you they are my CURRENT faves...most I did not find until recently, or at least with the second born...So I would like to share with you the things I LOVE on a daily basis! They may work for you too! If you have questions about any of them, please ask! LOVE LOVE LOVE...

Gerber (Nestle) Good Start Protect Plus Formula
This stuff is so amazing! Ladybug went through 4 formulas before we found this. It is so gentle and made with already broken down whey protein and is super easy for digestion. It also contains probiotics which must be working because she only ever had 2 small colds! Love this stuff....will use it again with future children FIRST in hopes it saves hours/days of tears!

Avent Bottles
I love these! The newer BPA-free ones have one more part than the older ones...which contained BPA and I used for my son for 18 months, lovely. But I really love these. I hated the Dr. Brown's that Ladybug finally got used to. I was afraid that once she started holding her own bottle they would be a leaky nightmare! Avent, best!

Soothie pacifiers
Love these too! My daughter will only take these. I tried the Gumdrop ones which are lighter in weight and more curved to the face but she prefers the good ole' green ones!

This goes with above. Ladybug's is a monkey and it is soooooo adorable. I don't use it often because she tends to play more with it, but in the car it is phenomenal! She can put it back in herself!

Baby Einstein Exersaucer
I got this for 20 bucks off of Craigslist and for as much as she uses it, I would have paid 200 for it!

Eddie Bauer Kingston Highchair
This is so cute! It matches my home with its dark wood and small size. It is a full size high chair but doesn't seem to take up as much room as the giant plastic ones!

Boppy pillow
I am using Bubba's for Ladybug with a cute flower cover. She learns to sit propped against it and has tummy time as well on it....If I need to multitask (drink coffee), I can lay her in it to feed her!

Sophie Giraffe Teether
Yes I spent the money for this, but she uses her all the time! I love the classic look to it and it is very lightweight, one of her first toys.

Avent Front Teeth teether
I loved this so much! It was perfect size for her hands, until we lost it in a store....need another!

Fisher Price bouncy seat
We are using an old one from a family member but I love it...we also have the Fisher Price Papasan chair, which is ok....she does sit in that while I shower.

Graco Pack and Play
in our room for when family visits (we have a guest bed in her room)...I also prop her with pillows in there while I clean the upstairs. It will be making the trip to Disney with us in 3 weeks!

Ringley Natural Organic Teether
Also a favorite of Ladybug!

Avent sippy cups with handles
She just started using this last week and it works great! I also use the tops for Bubba's...

Klean Kanteen
Stainless water bottle that holds 12 ounces...He loves it and it is like a big kid sippy! Ladybug will get hers one day as well!

No Slippy Hair Grippy
Can't wait to use these! She almost has enough hair!

Pediped shoes
We just bought our first pair and they are amazing! These will be what she wears for the next 2.5 years! I am so over Stride Rite now!

Keen Newport Sandals
James' go -to shoes for the next many years...Spring-Fall. We live in a muddy,rocky,hilly, gravel-y area and these are perfect!

for both kiddos....and actually I have a pair that I wear to run out and heat up the car. I can't put my boots on and then drag snow/mud back in so I use these and leave them at the door!

Huggies Cucumber and Green tea wipes
Ah, Costco, thank you! These are amazing and I used to HATE Huggies wipes. As long as you keep the container above half, they come out perfecto!

Pampers Swaddlers
Perfect for newborns

Pampers Baby Dry 12 hour
These are great for at night, way better than Huggies Overnites, don't buy those!

Babylegs Legwarmers
Oh too cute! I will be putting these on any future sons as well...perfect in a diaper bag with a onesie for a change of clothes. Since it is cold here and I don't have many long-sleeved onesies, we use these to keep chubby little arms warm!

Angel Dear Lovey
We got a free flower one with a purchase and Ladybug loves this!

Silk-edged blankets
Our almost 4 year old Bubba and Mommy love these!

Gerber soft-bite spoons
These are sized much better than most baby spoons, for tiny little mouths!

Earth's Best jarred food and cereal
These are our foods of choice now for Ladybug...I will be buying Plum Organics soft pouch style for our Disney trip though....much easier to travel with.

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder/Avalon Organics Baby Powder
I use one of these at night to keep her dry and love them!

Method Baby (Target, I miss you Target), Burt's Bees Diaper Cream
These are great prevention for Diaper Rash, and are pretty good at clearing rash fast!

Lotrimin (Athlete's feet cream, I know GROSS!)
This was recommended by a pharmacist for severe diaper rash! I know it sounds odd but it totally clears up bad rashes in like an hour!

Graco Snugride
I have a love/hate relationship with this carseat but I do think it is great! It fits babies perfectly, and since Ladybug was 5 pounds 9 ounces coming home, it worked great! I still have her in it because she does fit it so well but she weighs 16 pounds and carrying her in it is soooooo difficult! I can't wait to move her to her...

Britax Marathon Carseat
I don't know if I love the safety, the cute fabric, or the price I bought it for best! I got this adorable yellow and pink floral marathon on Albee Baby for 179.99! Not kidding! Free shipping too! I bought it before she was born and made sure it had a 2009 manufacture date. I even put James in it and he still fits it! He us a huge almost 4 year old as well! Think 42 pounds, size 5 clothes, and size 12 feet!

Graco Nautlius
This is James' carseat and we love this as well. He is very tall and still in the second to highest harness slot. I forsee him being harnessed through age 5, maybe 6....It is a heavy carseat but we are so thankful to have him safely harnessed in this! When Ladybug outgrows her Marathon, she will get this as well.

Sit and Stand Stroller
I cannot say I LOVE this, but I do like it. It is a lot more roomy than the Joovy Caboose and a lot easier to steer...It is still pretty annoying though since it is so long but good for trips in smaller stores or smaller places...

Baby Jogger City Mini Double
This is a dream and was recommended by a good friend! I love it for both kids. As I said before, James is huge and fits in this well. He naps often in it and is fully covered from the elements. Jolee also fits this well and is now sitting more upright in it. There is a nice size basket, and huge pockets on the back of each seat for storage. The fold up is amazing, it is just a strap you pull, nothing else! We are buying the bag for it and taking it to Disney as well for very long days with tired babes!

Ju Ju Be Be All Diaper Bag
LOVE THIS! Pockets galore, made of wipeable teflon and even has tiny crumb holes to scoot out snack droppings! I can be so organized with this bag and it fits enough for both kiddos!

Hotslings Pouch Sling
This works great for us but I didn't like it with a newborn, for that I preferred my...

Moby Wrap
This saved me from colic, seriously I might have died.

Action Baby Carrier
This is my favorite carrier. I love having her face me and like that as she gets older, I can move her to my the prints are amazingly gorgeous!

Gymboree Clothing
I love this company. I buy 90% of the kids clothes there because the sizes are accurate, the clothes never wear out, and the kids look like children in them! No bikinis and horrible writings on things! I also shop during gumbucks time and always get good deals!

I also shop for many gadget-y things at One Step Ahead. I have bought winter wear for James, yoga pants for Jolee, teether toothbrushes, travel items and the like here....I also get good email deals from them!

hmmmmm what else...oh bath stuff...

We use Burt's Bees, Lil' Goat's Milk Petite chevre, Johnson's lavender, Hard lotion ( a recent find), and Johnson's Vapor Bath if someone has a cold!

I am looking for a good sunscreen for Disney....I will let you know what I come up with!

Ok, so have anything you think we might like? Comment here!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The one with the cliff....

Ah, so I never blog anymore! What is going on here you ask? Actually you don't ask because I doubt anyone comes here anymore! Well to make it short, Ladybug runs this place. Runs my life, every second of it! And I really wouldn't have it any other way. Jameser keeps me SOOOO busy as well. I really don't think the true daily blogging will come until our next sea tour when J deploys and I am all alone at night! His work schedule is amazing here and we just spend so much time together!

So Ladybug turned 6 months, and definitely has NEVER slept through the nite. James turns 4 in April and is doing exceptional as always! We are headed for a little speech help soon but all in all, he is great! I am getting my behind kicked by Tony of Power 90 (precursor to P90X)...That guy, whooo-eeee tiring.

But, I do have a funny/annoying/scary/glad it wasn't you story for ya. Here in frozenville it takes me FOREVER and a day to get the kids bundled and out to the warmed up car, buckled into their carseats and on our way somewhere. I actually usually just call J at work to get me really is cold here. BUT, I hadn't left the house with the kids in 4 days so I knew we all needed out. I planned my day around the trip to Walms and Shaws. (I have to plan EVERYTHING around Leelee's naps)...So we started. I had James go potty, slipped my crocs on to go get the car warmed up, came back in and dressed Leelee in her bunting, buckled her in her infant seat, bundled James and walked him out. It is sooooo icy here that I have to hold hands with him and take each kid one at a time. Came back in to grab diaper bag and baby...we are all in, the car is still not warm but not frigid so we are good. I had a little more than a quarter tank of gas on Monday so I figured all was well....not so much in my crapster of a minivan. If that car is on the tiniest incline, that gas drains out of the I put it in reverse and let up the e-brake. (We live on a GIANT cliff and I always use the e-brake) yeah I started going FORWARD and the car would no longer turn over. I turned it off and waited and was thinking, I just need to reverse about 5 feet and I will be on the flat part of the driveway...I knew the gas would drain back into the tank that way...(I learned all this when I was stuck nose down in a tunnel in VA, 9 months pregnant, with James, and no water, in summer)....wish you were THERE don't you? ;)

So I tried again and the van really went FORWARD. At this point I had to give up or face drifting off a huge thanks. I love my kids, I love my husband, I want to live.

Poor Daddy came home a couple hours later with gas to help us though! We finally did make it out and everyone was still in good spirits. James even brought me his Handy Manny tools so he could "fix da car Mommy". I told him the gas tank was broken and he said "Mom, dis da tools, we can fix it!" haha

That van sucks to be honest with you. It really cost a pretty penny too. We are getting rid of it in May and getting a giant Suburban to hold all the littles....I probably should have brought the kids in and let that baby go right off that cliff! Hmmmm, there's an idea!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The rambling mess

My last post was about not swaddling Jolee. She is now swaddled. She turns 6 months in 2 days. We also stopped feeding her solid (pureed of course) food because she preferred that over formula and would only take a few bottles a day! She loves all things food but is too young to nix formula! Oh well for now. Scott Brown won the MA senate seat. I think Ted Kennedy rolled all night in his grave. I found it funny that on Rush Limbaugh's radio show (which I never listen too, but happened upon this morning in the car) they said "This one's for Mary Jo"...haha. Yes I am laughing about a dead man. One who killed a woman. Not really in a feel sorry for you mode. Obama sucks. Seriously, if you voted for him, you are getting what the rest of us knew you would. It just sucks because some people are wooed by a good speech. He is a slap in the face to most Democrats. He really is a Progressive and should have ran on that. I just can't believe no one saw it sooner. And I hate those annoying negative campaign ads that are sure to be a nightmare during the 2012 election. All we are going to hear is his speeches telling everyone lies. Who wants to listen to that twice? Bitter, party of 1 here.

Vermont is a little kooky. They have so much to offer here. So many wonderful small businesses. But transplants like myself are missing a lot because they refuse to advertise on the internet. If you google "auto shops" in Vermont you will find 3. There are like 147 in my tiny town! Use the internet people, you will generate a TON of business. We did go to 1 of 3 shops for brakes and gave them our 800 bucks.

Vermont has a plethora of crap to do with kids...and there are no drippy noses at playdates. Finally a place where Mothers and Fathers use good judgment. I like Vermont. We may make this our final home one day. Vermont has a ton of liberals but I haven't met a one. Most in my town seem pretty conservative....although they could be closet liberals which is fine by me. Their state is gorgeous, places are clean, and sickness doesn't seem to run rampant here. I keep my crazy right winged crap to myself and let others do as they please.

I am heading to the Dr. soon with Jolee. I hate all things vaccines. She is still not vaccinated. James is, fully. I have yet to decide what is best for her. Can't wait to get advice from her new doctor. The past few years have been so traumatic for me. I am so glad she is here...Her birth experience still haunts me and makes me much more aware of dangers. It also makes me fearful of becoming pregnant again.

American Idol is amazing. Where else can you see so much talent, and so little talent in one room. "Pants on the Ground" should be a hit. We sing it often here. I want to meet Larry.

Lost is coming on soon. That is exactly what I am. LOST. I will watch only because I want to know what the heck happens to those people and why that darn polar bear was in the forest.

Paranormal State is making me mad. What happened to Ryan when he was a kid? Just tell us already dude.

Arbor Mist Sangria Zinfandel is surprisingly yummy. Shaw's (the grocery store chain here) is crazy expensive. My bread was $4.99. The Sangria, $6.99....they shouldn't be that close.

James no longer watches tv...except Chuggington once a day. It is so nice to not have the tv on. I can actually hear myself think and breathe...enlightening! This was fun.....and all I had time for. Jolee getting up!