Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The rambling mess

My last post was about not swaddling Jolee. She is now swaddled. She turns 6 months in 2 days. We also stopped feeding her solid (pureed of course) food because she preferred that over formula and would only take a few bottles a day! She loves all things food but is too young to nix formula! Oh well for now. Scott Brown won the MA senate seat. I think Ted Kennedy rolled all night in his grave. I found it funny that on Rush Limbaugh's radio show (which I never listen too, but happened upon this morning in the car) they said "This one's for Mary Jo"...haha. Yes I am laughing about a dead man. One who killed a woman. Not really in a feel sorry for you mode. Obama sucks. Seriously, if you voted for him, you are getting what the rest of us knew you would. It just sucks because some people are wooed by a good speech. He is a slap in the face to most Democrats. He really is a Progressive and should have ran on that. I just can't believe no one saw it sooner. And I hate those annoying negative campaign ads that are sure to be a nightmare during the 2012 election. All we are going to hear is his speeches telling everyone lies. Who wants to listen to that twice? Bitter, party of 1 here.

Vermont is a little kooky. They have so much to offer here. So many wonderful small businesses. But transplants like myself are missing a lot because they refuse to advertise on the internet. If you google "auto shops" in Vermont you will find 3. There are like 147 in my tiny town! Use the internet people, you will generate a TON of business. We did go to 1 of 3 shops for brakes and gave them our 800 bucks.

Vermont has a plethora of crap to do with kids...and there are no drippy noses at playdates. Finally a place where Mothers and Fathers use good judgment. I like Vermont. We may make this our final home one day. Vermont has a ton of liberals but I haven't met a one. Most in my town seem pretty conservative....although they could be closet liberals which is fine by me. Their state is gorgeous, places are clean, and sickness doesn't seem to run rampant here. I keep my crazy right winged crap to myself and let others do as they please.

I am heading to the Dr. soon with Jolee. I hate all things vaccines. She is still not vaccinated. James is, fully. I have yet to decide what is best for her. Can't wait to get advice from her new doctor. The past few years have been so traumatic for me. I am so glad she is here...Her birth experience still haunts me and makes me much more aware of dangers. It also makes me fearful of becoming pregnant again.

American Idol is amazing. Where else can you see so much talent, and so little talent in one room. "Pants on the Ground" should be a hit. We sing it often here. I want to meet Larry.

Lost is coming on soon. That is exactly what I am. LOST. I will watch only because I want to know what the heck happens to those people and why that darn polar bear was in the forest.

Paranormal State is making me mad. What happened to Ryan when he was a kid? Just tell us already dude.

Arbor Mist Sangria Zinfandel is surprisingly yummy. Shaw's (the grocery store chain here) is crazy expensive. My bread was $4.99. The Sangria, $6.99....they shouldn't be that close.

James no longer watches tv...except Chuggington once a day. It is so nice to not have the tv on. I can actually hear myself think and breathe...enlightening! This was fun.....and all I had time for. Jolee getting up!

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