Monday, December 28, 2009

I will not swaddle my 5 month old!

Oh Jolee! You can roll Chickie. You do it all day long, and almost back to front, front to back. But at night your activity is waking you and you are determined to get out of your swaddle. So, since it no longer seems safe, I said NO MORE SWADDLING. And now you can't sleep. I put you in your sleepsack and must go in 4 times a night to keep your tiny little hands from grabbing at your face. There really seems to be a giant PROCESS to get you to sleep and I really need to document it so one day when you are trying to get one of my grandchildren to sleep, I will remember.

Step 1...Bath
Step 2...Bottle
Step 3...turn on room fan for white noise
Step 4...all lights OFF
Step 5...turn on Mommy bear with womb sounds, yes you still need this
Step 6...paci in, although you are 5 months, you still need help with this
Step 7...socks on hands, your hands freeze at night and you can't fit gloves
Step 8...lay you down and walk out
Step 9...come back in and give you paci so your whining doesn't wake your brother
Step 10...repeat step 9 4-6 more times before you finally pass out.
Step 11...repeat step 9 2-3 during the night
Step 12...feed once in the middle of the night
Step 13...repeat step 9 at 6am so we don't start our day that early...
Step wake at 8 refreshingly rested, smiling, looking at your very tired Mom thinking "Mom, why do you look so tired?"

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog from Melissa's and wanted to say hi:) My son is the SAME way sleeping- he will be 5 months next week. Ha. Nice to see you on here!