Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Parking Garage from HELL!

Docs appointment went well, but we almost didn't make it there. Stupid parking garage! Luckily Bubba did not have to go potty while we were driving around for 25 minutes looking for a spot! It was like there was some sort of flippin convention at that place! I am soooooo glad that I only have to go there once more next week for the kids checkups....I hate it there! But all is well with me, post baby...and I did manage to keep James up near my head during the internal exam...poor kid might have been scarred for life! Yes I take my kids to the doctors with me, no choice here. No major birth control talk though! She was pretty happy with my educated answers...and told me after our losses and Ladybug's birth, we should definitely been seen in a high risk place BEFORE we get prego again.....but we were already prepared for that...Then we were off to the McD's play land place where there was a daycare Mom about 45 years old with 6 toddlers!!! Seriously what a brave lady. After Bubba played with them for about an hour, she gathered all her little people up and told them to put on their shoes. Bubba said "OK!" and proceeded to get his shoes on. I wonder if I would have stopped him from going with her if she hadn't noticed? Part of me seriously reconsiders homeschooling when I see things like that...but then I remember why we have chosen to do it and know it is the BEST choice for our family... I did search out a Moms Club in VT where we are headed and am anxious to join. My little guy needs friends!

And Beanie, you want to know about him right? He's alive and had a crap free night thankfully! Ladybug however is taking her good ole time falling asleep tonight...Bubba did pass out in my bed and I am soooo not moving his heavy butt. How can a kid look so lightweight and feel like a bag of bricks when you pick him up? 3 years old and weighs 42 pounds...I should take out a loan now to shop at Costco when he is a teen. And Ladybug sure is on her way there too! For a tiny 6 pounder, 5 pounder when we left the hospital, she sure has put it all on! She looks so fat. FAT! If you cannot see any portion of neck, someone is hitting the bottle a bit too much...But who cares, soon enough she'll be running amok chasing her crazy brother. If her standing on my legs already, bearing weight for about a minute is any indication at 9 weeks, whoa nellie. So my babies are well and my hubby will be home "soon". I used to hate keeping secrets but it is fun knowing when he is coming home when not many others do!!! I tell Bubba every night how many more days and he gets so excited...This was a short deployment and the last for about 2.5 years! Then the real hard time comes...6 months at a time! Yikes...we try not to look that far ahead, because if we did and I saw myself homeschooling 6 year old Bubba, entertaining 3 year old Ladybug, and bouncy a newborn on my hip, I might puke;)

Time for me and a date with my "Friends". When J deploys, I watch all our Friends DVD's...that show is awesome and since J introduced me to it, it's fitting...Night all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The One With The Crate and The Clinic

4am, tiny bark...I ran my 'still carrying a ton of baby weight' butt down the stairs to let Beans out, knowing what was about to transpire...You guessed it, crap in the crate...Darn it Beanie! I said screw it, I am not cleaning this thing out right now, I am too tired! So I scooted it out the back door, along with my 2 furry friends. It was 4am and I just knew that they were going to bark to be let back in. BUT, they didn't! Yay for sleeping in! For some reason they didn't mind being out there at night. (Or wee dark hours) But seriously, what is his deal? Swine flu. I am going to have to get him to his vet soon if it doesn't stop...He does go through this about once a year and we never know why.

So Ladybug gets up at 8ish and I feel like I hit a brick wall. I decided to call and cancel my appt because I am feeling a bit under the weather. Call the number, and I get this..."We have you down for tomorrow at 10:30am not today"...Rewind 9 weeks. I went in to the clinic for my 38 week checkup. Take Bubba with of course, and they tell me that my 9am appt is actually a 2pm appt and I'd have to come back. I whipped out THEIR card that said 9am and handed it to them. They proceeded to tell me I had to come in at 2...Long story short, I made a scene, as usual, and was seen. Tomorrow when I go in, they are getting not only an earful, but THEIR card back, mistake and all. Idiots. You know I stayed up late packing the kids' bag because they go with, and I didn't want it to take us 2 hours to get out the door. I would have been beyond ticked if I rolled my double stroller in there with 2 whiners and they turned me away...Totally would have hit someone with that stroller.

So we're home today, may run some errands but that annoys me..So much work to get a newborn and a newly potty trained kid out the door for a few things. Speaking of potty, last night whilst cleaning Beans crate of crap, Bubba comes out and says (after having NO accidents for 4 weeks now, not even at night) "Mommy look I potty floor, hahahaha", pointing and laughing at the pee on the floor. I was like, "Is this happening? Does he actually think this is hilarious? Can he be that evil?" He was laughing so hard as if it was intentional. I just nicely DRAGGED him into the shower while I swiffered that floor....Nutty! And then as if to rub it in my face, after I undress him for shower (he had just taken a bath earlier) he hops on the toilet and lets a drip come out. "Mommy, I potty!"....You sure did kid.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Someone peed on the Boat Slide

Yup, you heard it. And it totally wasn't my kid! Some kid peed on the boat slide at the mall play area, shortening our trip. Thankfully they did CLOSE the place down for a good sanitizing what with the deadly swine flu that is coming, haha! I think it is hilarious that we can predict such know of epidemic/pandemic/crazydemic proportions. It's like watching 2 of Obama's health czars galloping through the streets on horses saying "The swine flu is coming, the swine flu is coming!" What a crock. They really just want us all running to the docs for the deadly H1N1 know the one they want poor pregnant women and babies over 6 months to get...Not happening...they developed that thing in a couple months, must be SUPER safe. Watch out for 3 legged kids in 9 months.

Anywho, we are home and after my attempt at tiring Ladybug out at mall (unsuccessful) and walking outside (unsuccessful) she is behind me whining about napping in the swing. Seriously though, she is so idea what else I can do! I keep on.

I am working on a schedule for me and the kids...that is really funny huh? It was working good last night until I woke up at 3am to feed little miss and I smelled crap. Not human crap. Dog crap. In my house. Seems for the second night in a row Beans crapped in his crate. Ugh. What is wrong with him? I haven't changed his food, or given him anything new so he must be munching random things in the overgrown yard. Dumb dog, really he is. So I cleaned the crap up with Ladybug in swing, then febreezed the living hell outta the house...fed her, and back to bed...Wake up at 7am and smell it again, no joke. Right now the crappy crate is on deck waiting for another cleaning....I love Beanie to death I really do, and I have a soft spot for him because to say it nicely, he is all jacked up. I am 100% sure he is going to die of something rare...hell, maybe the swine flu. That's it! He has swine flu. I better shut up, I'm totally gonna get it.

Ok so off to OB clinic tomorrow for my (isn't it suppossed to be 6?) 9 week checkup. They are going to pester the hell out of me about birth control, since I don't take any. (Can't take pill for blood clotting reasons and am totally against random things in me)...They hate when I tell them, "We use ovulation kits to get pregnant and not get pregnant"...They have no idea what to say. Because seriously I am 30, married, own a house, rent a house, and am not a crisis case. If I did ever get pregnant, the world wouldn't fact it would just be brighter, and a bit more chaotic right? 'll be sure to tell you all that the knowledgeable 19 year old nurse tells me ok?

Baby Einstein is a narcotic for kids. And is currently the babysitter...I must go....till tomorrow....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So it begins....

After talking to friends and family, I have decided to start blogging!! I need an outlet, let's face it! I don't want to take up space on my kid's baby webpage, because honestly, no one goes there for anything but the cute baby pics! Here I have the freedom to write what I want, ramble, and share my chaos with anyone willing to listen! For those of you who know me in person, I sure love to talk...and share my opinions, so this is perfect for me...

A quick start...30 year old married Mama of 2 little ones here and 2 angels above. I have a 3 year old boy (Bubba) who on a good day drives me crazy to put it nicely. He has more energy than a fraternity on a Friday night...We were also just blessed with an adorable, spiky haired blonde bundle of love...(Ladybug)...she my friends is also referred to quite often here as DRAMATICA! Colic, crying, cuteness...her things.

My hot husband also just turned 30, finally closing that 4 month gap with me. He has a very (un)interesting job with the good ole' U S of A. We're military and super proud of it...although you won't find giant stickers or magnets on our cars, or big flags in the front of the house (mostly because I am too lazy to deal with Flag Etiquette)...It's his job, not our life...If you have met us in person you'd call us loud, funny, obnoxious, and the best of friends. My husband is super funny and pulls out one-liners the likes of Letterman. He's quick with it too. Be jealous. I am. Wish I was that funny.

The FarNyard. Bubba at age 3 started singing one day, "All the animals in the farnyard", in this adorable sing-song toddler voice. We went to a farm after that, and ever since when he sees a farm animal he sings it. We call our house the FarNyard because it is nothing short of that. We have 2-4 year old labradors...Pork and Beans. Pork is a black lab and Beans is a runt chocolate lab. Our days with them are comedic at best. Pork has anxiety, like me...and Beans has epilepsy. You can't make this crap up. So one wears a shock collar and the other takes Phenobarbital. I, in case you are wondering, take Xanax. It's great. You should try it.

My house is messy, and my husband is a neatfreak. That makes for some interesting disputes here. I tell him we are Jon and Kate. I'm loud, bossy, and really annoying at times. He is laid back, easygoing, but way hotter than stupid thug Gosselin. He did tell me once, "You are no where near as mean as Kate", which later turned into, "You are close, but not as bad"...see the pattern? I'll be here in no time, especially since we just added a kiddo to the mix.

Ok so that is us...hope you like chaos, because boy is there a ton here!!! We love comments, nice ones...and we'll tolerate some not so nice ones...but really, if you get mean, you get booted. Be nice....Say our friend, come to the FarNyard!