Monday, September 21, 2009

Someone peed on the Boat Slide

Yup, you heard it. And it totally wasn't my kid! Some kid peed on the boat slide at the mall play area, shortening our trip. Thankfully they did CLOSE the place down for a good sanitizing what with the deadly swine flu that is coming, haha! I think it is hilarious that we can predict such know of epidemic/pandemic/crazydemic proportions. It's like watching 2 of Obama's health czars galloping through the streets on horses saying "The swine flu is coming, the swine flu is coming!" What a crock. They really just want us all running to the docs for the deadly H1N1 know the one they want poor pregnant women and babies over 6 months to get...Not happening...they developed that thing in a couple months, must be SUPER safe. Watch out for 3 legged kids in 9 months.

Anywho, we are home and after my attempt at tiring Ladybug out at mall (unsuccessful) and walking outside (unsuccessful) she is behind me whining about napping in the swing. Seriously though, she is so idea what else I can do! I keep on.

I am working on a schedule for me and the kids...that is really funny huh? It was working good last night until I woke up at 3am to feed little miss and I smelled crap. Not human crap. Dog crap. In my house. Seems for the second night in a row Beans crapped in his crate. Ugh. What is wrong with him? I haven't changed his food, or given him anything new so he must be munching random things in the overgrown yard. Dumb dog, really he is. So I cleaned the crap up with Ladybug in swing, then febreezed the living hell outta the house...fed her, and back to bed...Wake up at 7am and smell it again, no joke. Right now the crappy crate is on deck waiting for another cleaning....I love Beanie to death I really do, and I have a soft spot for him because to say it nicely, he is all jacked up. I am 100% sure he is going to die of something rare...hell, maybe the swine flu. That's it! He has swine flu. I better shut up, I'm totally gonna get it.

Ok so off to OB clinic tomorrow for my (isn't it suppossed to be 6?) 9 week checkup. They are going to pester the hell out of me about birth control, since I don't take any. (Can't take pill for blood clotting reasons and am totally against random things in me)...They hate when I tell them, "We use ovulation kits to get pregnant and not get pregnant"...They have no idea what to say. Because seriously I am 30, married, own a house, rent a house, and am not a crisis case. If I did ever get pregnant, the world wouldn't fact it would just be brighter, and a bit more chaotic right? 'll be sure to tell you all that the knowledgeable 19 year old nurse tells me ok?

Baby Einstein is a narcotic for kids. And is currently the babysitter...I must go....till tomorrow....

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