Monday, May 3, 2010

I should take medication...

seriously. I have a problem. A HUGE problem. Worry. I am constantly worried about EVERYTHING in/outside of our home. See, I am going to explain just this once how difficult it is moving so often. For those who don't know, J and I have been married for 5 years at the end of this month. We have lived in Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and now Vermont. I love moving and seeing new places. I love changing houses because whatever annoys me about one house, most likely won't be in the next home. In SC it was waterbugs, haha cockroaches in base housing. In Georgia it was the biting EVERYTHING, frogs, and constant humidity and heat. In Virginia it was the cockroaches again. I love how every state calls these darn bugs something other than what they truly are...COCKROACHES. haha....Here in VT nothing really annoys me too bad although we have a ladybug infestation.

Ladybugs, you all know I love them because I call Jolee Ladybug. How could I not like them? all of my moves into new homes in new places I constantly have to make someone else's home fit my family. I always need new curtains, new rods, new...well you get the idea. I also have to child-proof all homes I move into. Not only is it costly but goodness I've had to do it a lot. So we found this amazing home in Vermont. I love it. BUT, yes, another is totally not easy to childproof this place.

I worry daily that the kids are going to hang themselves on blind cords, fall out the the high windows to their deaths, hit their heads on the big boulders I have Jarrod move huge rocks, I cut all the blind cords but for the life of me I can't get the windows right....We basically live in a home built on the side of a giant hill in the mountains. If someone were to fall out a window, we are looking at over 3 stories. And in VT noone has Air Condition because well 75% of the year it is cold.

But, it is hot today, and was yesterday....I am sweating. I HAVE to open windows. They all open from the top or bottom so I thought I hit the jackpot...just open them from the top and the kids can't reach them. Yeah right....on say 3 of 12 or more windows, this works...But on the rest, you can open from the top and still slide the whole darn thing up....I HAVE to open my windows or we will die, maybe not die but you know what I mean.

I wouldn't worry so much if my kids weren't such Evel Kinevel's. James wraps cords around his neck, often asks me if he can "jump off dis mountain (the bunkbed), couch dives daily, and has been standing in my window sills (remember 3 stories)...Jolee can crawl stairs, not kidding. She is faster than any baby I've ever seen. My kids are like circus freaks. When I go places and someone says "Oh don't worry, they can't break anything", I always respond, "you've never met my kids, they could burn a padded room to the ground."

So it's hot, and I am worried that my kids are going to plummet to their deaths if I don't figure out a workable solution for these windows. And can I just tell you that there are 16 that I want to open. I did just count them. So whatever I do, I have to do 16 times, each morning when I want them open, and each night when I want some closed.

And don't even get me started on baby gates. Jolee pulled one on herself last week. I invested 100 bucks in 1 gate for the deadly basement stairs, and now need something for the upstairs.

I also need a good shrink to help me stop picturing my bloodied, injured children everywhere. Someone help me....;)