Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You can't make this stuff up...

- I got peed on today and make a complete fool out of Bubba and I. At Babies R Us, Bub had to go potty. So I get Ladybug (in carseat ) out of the cart and wrangle both into the bathroom. I hear another lady talking to her grandson while we are potty-ing next to her. She took the big bathroom, leaving us in a tiny stall...I left the door open because well, there was no room to shut it. Bubba usually gets completely naked to pee for some reason but I did not feel like redressing him. So I sat him on potty and told him to not worrying about his pants. So he "pushes down" because that is what I taught him after cleaning cabinets in my bathroom at home when he didn't "push down"...Well he started to scoot back and his pants kinda got in the way....His boy part came up and shot me in the leg! I cracked up! I was trying to disguise what was happening so Grandma in the next stall wouldn't realize what happened when Bubba all the sudden shouted LOUD, "Oops Mama, I sorry, Dere pee on you leg!" HAHAHAHA...I shushed him and was almost peeing the rest of my pants laughing. I grabbed a wet one and scrubbed my pants and he said again, "I so sorry Mommy, dere pee on you pants!"....hahaha

-Just a few moments ago I was feeding ladybug and noticed Bub was pantsless. He brought me his underwear and pants and said "Mommy, what's dis?" ...No my kid is in fact 3 and I have not taught him the proper word for his part. So I did. I shared the real word with him and pulled up his pants. He said "Mommy, dat p-nis (pointing to part) and dat Baby (pointing to his sister)!" What the two had in common, I have no idea...But gosh I am still laughing at my kid! I am going to venture to say that the word "p-nis" is definitely going to be screamed loudly in public soon....

(I am leaving out the "E" in the word so as to avoid weird ads on my sidebar!) Let's see if it works!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lots of well, randoms..

I have so much on my mind tonight and a 3 year old behind me. Daddy is on duty at work, Ladybug is sleeping and I am too lazy to put tot in bed...So he is watching Aristocats behind me...and dancing. It's almost 10pm...get your kid in bed lady! Anywho, things are as busy as ever at the Farn. We are trying to rid our home of excess everything and donating what we don't use to a local Battered Women and Children's Center. It has been so fun going through each room and finding out what we truly need and don't need. I told the shelter worker that we would have about 6 to 8 boxes and bags...and we have that doubled!~ Tomorrow we lug it all to the front porch where it will await its new owners....Hopefully everything will get great use!

In Ladybug news, the Patient First doctor that we saw was pretty much wrong on all things Ladybug. Her congestion went away and we really haven't changed much, leading me to believe she did in fact have a cold that took 16 days to go away. She is back to her happy, healthy self and sleeping in her crib! She goes to bed at 8pm and wakes at about 645am and then goes back to sleep until 9am, an Angel sleeper! Bubba is sleeping in his bed now but frequently heads over to our bed at 3am! haha...Oh well. We are moving in about a month and do not feel like changing anything just yet. We are hoping upon arrival, that setting up his bed, with the bunk on top will entice him to sleep in a new "fort"....We shall see...

Grandparents are coming...both sides. Daddy's side is coming for 3 weeks over the course of the move. We are having fun planning the trip to Vermont and hoping to stop at a few neat places along the way. We are also hoping to celebrate Christmas early with BOTH sets of Grandparents in Vermont...Wouldn't that be great?

Daddy is excited for his new job in Vermont and eagerly planning all the outdoorsy stuff he misses from WA....There is something about camping in Georgia and Virginia heat that turns us off totally! He has spoken with the person he is relieving and that gentleman had nothing but great things to say about the job and the area. Both Daddy and Mommy are most likely going to get their master's degrees in VT! hmmm...I have no idea what mine will be in yet, but am excited at the thought of going back to school, even if it is from my laptop in the kitchen!

I have been researching lots of Homeschool curriculums and discussing options with homeschool moms online. I am so excited to homeschool. I never knew that it was an option for us. We had always planned on private school educations until we did research and decided that homeschool was for us. With our most recent decision to stay in the Navy, homeschool fits even better. When Daddy is home, school can stop for a bit. We can take much needed vacations in the middle of any month we want. When a new baby arrives, we can take a break and enjoy our new addition...And most importantly, our children will learn what we believe, whether the school teaches it or not...we will teach what we believe and are so excited to do so! I am spending the cold Vermont winter planning Bubba's K-4 year...we will start K-4 in September of next year! Our kids will have school from Labor Day to Memorial Day and summers off! Ah, refreshing! So wish me luck on planning his first year! It is so exciting already and we have 3 curriculums picked out!

And something else on the mind...J and I had a wonderful discussion the other night on the couch about our life as a military family. The Navy used to be our job, now it is starting to become more of our life...Like I've said before, we aren't Joe Navy type people...but when you make such a big commitment you can't help but realize it is what it is.....So in talking I mentionned that it is such a sacrifice to be a military family. J quickly chimed in that it wasn't. We don't sacrifice much. We live great, we are paid well, and we have job security. That is until I mentionned a few other things....See, this is what I love about my husband. No matter what he does, he doesn't ever think of anything as a sacrifice. I usually don't either. We chose the job, and we live well....BUT...I am starting to appreciate much more about my husband's job and I pointed out the sacrifices we make, just so that he can be proud of what he does. It isn't just a job. It isn't just a paycheck. It is a life that many Americans CHOOSE, so that others do not have to. Our kids will all be born in different states. We take pictures of the fronts of all of our houses to frame one day and we already have 4 in 4.5 years of marriage. Our 3 year old doesn't have more than 1 "friend". He has severe separation anxiety and often sleeps as close as he can to Daddy. Twice a week, in months WITHOUT deployments, I make a dinner for myself and have no one to tell the day's chaos to. In month's with deployments, well you get it....There have been 4 anniversaries and we celebrated 1 together. Many missed birthdays....I've been to a hospital and learned of the loss of one of our babies without him there. I told him over the phone that I was ok and our 15 month old was too. I've moved alone twice, either pregnant or with a baby....J thought this was all normal and not such a big deal...It's a big deal. I am really proud of him, of us, of our family, and of our choice to do this....There are so many, many benefits of being a Navy family. I see all sorts of places and have met the most amazing people along the way...We are all unique...we welcome each other. And my little family of 4 is as close as a family could be. My son is super attached to us, as I am sure my daughter will be too. Those kids see 2 faces each day that love them more than anything....but not many more faces....our choice to stay in the Navy is really going to keep us close. I hope our kids grow up not knowing of their sacrifice. It will be normal for them to say goodbye to Daddy for 6 months...And one day they will look back and think, Wow, we must have been such a close family to be able to endure those things....I hope they are as proud of their Daddy and their country as I am......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 3 month Ladybug!

Tomorrow my girl turns 3 months old! I can't believe it, and some days feel like I just gave birth yesterday! You sure are a joy little one....You finally fell into a routine and are asleep nightly by 9pm. It only took 3 months. You finally chose a bottle you liked, Dr. Brown's...it only took 3 months...and your formula is working well, that only took 2 months! Ah, just typing that makes me tired...So my girl is 3 months tomorrow...and I love her to the moon and back...

Bubba...oh my how tough of a day we had. You are super whiny and nothing I do is right anymore in your eyes. You literally spend half of each day crying or whining. Age 3 makes age 2 look like a cake walk....Some hours I have no clue what to do and just fumble through to the next....I wish I knew what might make you a bit happier.....you always want what you cannot have, and want to do what you are not allowed to do...pushing limits is your new thing...

My dog broke his toe. No, I have no idea how...But I can tell you this, it is a toe. I am not going to the vet. It is his outer, small toe and he walks fine, with a slight limp. I am making him rest most of the day in his crate and he seems perfectly fine with that. I am not going to the vet...did I mention that? My whole reasoning is the last time something happened to Pork it cost me $1600 dollars, and with a very expensive move to Vermont next month, not happening. I am not letting them cast it, making him more ticked off...I broke a small toe before, there is nothing you can do but let it heal.....So, if he is not better soon, we will break down and take him...but we know which toe it is and he is okay with resting...he actually seems a lot happier since Beanie can no longer mess with him....And Beans...ah, some days I wish...nevermind...I DO love you dog...but the non stop puking/crapping in the crate...come on, just BARK...if you BARK, we come running at 2am...don't just lie there and take a crap...BARK...we will let you out! Goodness.

Ok so since we finally got orders out of Virginia, I must go plan our move online.

My girl is 3 months tomorrow. Where does the time go?

Friday, October 9, 2009

My rearview mirror...

Today I drove home from Babies R Us and glanced back in my rearview mirror, and started crying. I've been looking in that same rearview mirror for 11 weeks now, yet today was the first day I cried. It was the prettiest sight I had ever seen...Ladybug asleep and Bubba looking at her. Whoa. The last time I remember that rushing feeling in my heart was when I drove home from the OB office a little over a year ago thinking to myself, "There will never be another carseat there. He won't ever have anyone to look at." I have been waiting since Bubba was 11 months old to see another carseat in my car....and now I do. It might sound silly thinking about carseats in the car...but it was a constant, heavy reminder of my littles not here. I hated looking back at little Bub all alone wondering if I could ever have another healthy child, someone for him, someone for him to love, someone to be there for him when J and I could no longer. This is heavy huh?

October 15th is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I never forget it. I say my prayers that day for all the Moms or not yet Moms and think of them looking in their own rearview mirrors. Before Baby Jack (our first loss at 18 weeks), I thought life was perfect...I could have babies, I would have a lot...It's what we wanted. My rearview mirror would always be crowded with little faces. And then my plans, were not the same as the Good Lord's....I'll never know why we were chosen, why they were chosen, but I do know one thing...they taught me to see the pretty things in life...even on crowded bridges, in unmoving traffic in tunnels, when I see the world through the eyes of my Bubba. He looked at his sister, the one I never thought he'd have....the same way he looked at the moon the day after we lost Jack...as if he knew, he would never be alone in the world...He has a sister, and we have a daughter. She is a gift beyond words that we aren't worthy of....I miss Baby Jack. I miss Baby Hope. I remember them everyday, every single day...and when Ladybug smiles each morning when she sees me, and Bubba hugs me before bed, I hope they know I think of them at that very moment, and wish they were here...

This week friends, please pray for Moms and Dads who have lost children, of all ages...from pregnancy, toddlers, adults...we can never know what THEY feel...but we can say a prayer that they find comfort, and pretty views in their rearview mirrors.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Work it out B!

Did you miss us? Of course right? We've all been a little under the weather here at the Farn. Mommy caught a cold and passed it to Bubba, who passed it to Ladybug...who is still getting over it! And of course we have been keeping to ourselves and out of the public to keep our germs where they belong...at home. But most feel better and I never skipped a day of my 30 day Wii active challenge. If you have Wii, and not the game, go get it. Unless you are like super built post baby and don't need a little help...in which case, we could never be friends. haha...No seriously, Wii Active rocks! I set my girl to the fattest they had and she still didn't look as chubby as me...Thanks for the flattery Wii. I've only yelled at my (fake) personal trainer twice during the first week, and limited my profanity to 2 words. Ya know, I LOVE the praise she gives me, "You are working really hard today, keep up the good work!"...But does she really need to flash the words "TOO SLOW" in all caps as I am running to 'cool down'...and what is a RUNNING cool down? Isn't that an oxymoron? I sure did feel like a moran as she 'yelled' at me! But I have completed my first goal and am on my way to shedding, baby, pregnancy, pregnancy, baby weight!

It has been amazing having J home with me lately. Raising 2 kids is MUCH easier with a partner! He takes on a lot and we are managing well even with the wrath of Ladybug. Can we say DEMANDING? I love her to death and could not imagine her any other way than her, but if I only have babies like Bubba for the rest of our lives, I would not mind at all. I jokingly told J that I now want Baby 3 sooner than I thought...but added "as long as he/she isn't as demanding as Ladybug"....What if they were? Oh goodness. I haven't taken Xanax in a few weeks but would down those babies like crazy with another Bug! But don't worry, we must wait at least until she is 1 to try again...Mommy's poor uterus needs a break!

So the house is trashed and I really don't care. We are moving in about a month or so and I keep imagining a bigger, less cluttered, house with a basement for a playroom. We need more first floor space here and I never thought I'd say this but I miss the GA house layout. Why can't I just be happy with a home I am in? I always want more, or less of this, and more or less of that...Maybe that is why when we get out of the military, we are building our own home the way we want it...But if you didn't already know, that is a long way off. J signed a contract and we are excited to see what is in store for us in the future. Be warned...in a few years he will deploy for an entire 6 months at a time. Think back to April of this year and imagine not seeing someone from then until now...Yikes. Bub will be about 6 and Ladybug 3 when Daddy does his first long deployment. Hopefully we have another baby by then and are in full swing with homeschooling so the kiddies will keep busy! But, our future is full, secure, and bright and we are anxiously awaiting our move to Vermont next month! Stay tuned for more crazies from the Farn! We're always up to something!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Reunited and it feels so gooood!

Yay! The second eldest in the family is home! Yup, you heard it right...I'm the oldest in this home, but only by 4 months!!! Daddy is back from deployment and boy did we miss him. Bubba went nutty when he saw Daddy walk to the car...and boy was Daddy excited to see both kiddos! We immediately went home to get started on the pumpkin cake! Bub has been asking for a pumpkin decorated cake since he saw a picture of one in his scrapbook! So Daddy complied and they had a ball. Ladybug warmed right up to Daddy too! He had been gone for half of her little life!

So it is much easier with Daddy here, and Ladybug put herself into a routine/schedule/pattern over the past 2 weeks. I succesfully found a parking spot this week at the Dr's office too! Both kids are healthy...Bubba (age 3.5) weighed in at 40.3 pounds and over 3 and a half feet tall...Ladybug (age 10 weeks) weighed in at 10 pounds 11 ounces, and is 22.75 inches long! Both super healthy!~ Pork and Beans are excited to have Daddy back too! After a jaunt around town, they are securely in the yard waiting patiently for some jogs with Daddy...speaking of them galavanting the town...I must let you all in on their latest adventure...the one I call "The One with the Dogcatcher"... (an excerpt from an email to J)

"Yup, you heard it, Dogcatcher. Our annoying neighbor B!!! I went to take the trash
out and he started yapping and Pork and Beans slipped by...They were
gone for about an hour and a half. I woke Ladybug from her crib and
drove around asking people...then the man across the street with the
lab said he'd go look, as well as the young guy Matt next to him. They
all took my number and finally after we all searched, and I even
called Humane Society...the Lab guy called me back. He said they were
on their way home because he saw the dogcatcher getting them from
someones yard! He went to the Dogcatcher and told her where we
lived...He was so helpful! He even said if I ever needed anything to
ask him and his wife...very nice people...So Beans crapped again in
his crate so he might be dying or something but both are passed out on
the floor from running! Asses."

So anyway, we are reunited for quite some time...Our shore tour starts soon enough and that will keep Daddy with us for at least 2 years! 2 years of no deployments and normal working hours, WOW, what will we do with all that free time? Maybe have another baby? hmmmmm there's a thought!