Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 3 month Ladybug!

Tomorrow my girl turns 3 months old! I can't believe it, and some days feel like I just gave birth yesterday! You sure are a joy little one....You finally fell into a routine and are asleep nightly by 9pm. It only took 3 months. You finally chose a bottle you liked, Dr. Brown' only took 3 months...and your formula is working well, that only took 2 months! Ah, just typing that makes me tired...So my girl is 3 months tomorrow...and I love her to the moon and back...

Bubba...oh my how tough of a day we had. You are super whiny and nothing I do is right anymore in your eyes. You literally spend half of each day crying or whining. Age 3 makes age 2 look like a cake walk....Some hours I have no clue what to do and just fumble through to the next....I wish I knew what might make you a bit always want what you cannot have, and want to do what you are not allowed to do...pushing limits is your new thing...

My dog broke his toe. No, I have no idea how...But I can tell you this, it is a toe. I am not going to the vet. It is his outer, small toe and he walks fine, with a slight limp. I am making him rest most of the day in his crate and he seems perfectly fine with that. I am not going to the vet...did I mention that? My whole reasoning is the last time something happened to Pork it cost me $1600 dollars, and with a very expensive move to Vermont next month, not happening. I am not letting them cast it, making him more ticked off...I broke a small toe before, there is nothing you can do but let it heal.....So, if he is not better soon, we will break down and take him...but we know which toe it is and he is okay with resting...he actually seems a lot happier since Beanie can no longer mess with him....And Beans...ah, some days I wish...nevermind...I DO love you dog...but the non stop puking/crapping in the crate...come on, just BARK...if you BARK, we come running at 2am...don't just lie there and take a crap...BARK...we will let you out! Goodness.

Ok so since we finally got orders out of Virginia, I must go plan our move online.

My girl is 3 months tomorrow. Where does the time go?

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