Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You can't make this stuff up...

- I got peed on today and make a complete fool out of Bubba and I. At Babies R Us, Bub had to go potty. So I get Ladybug (in carseat ) out of the cart and wrangle both into the bathroom. I hear another lady talking to her grandson while we are potty-ing next to her. She took the big bathroom, leaving us in a tiny stall...I left the door open because well, there was no room to shut it. Bubba usually gets completely naked to pee for some reason but I did not feel like redressing him. So I sat him on potty and told him to not worrying about his pants. So he "pushes down" because that is what I taught him after cleaning cabinets in my bathroom at home when he didn't "push down"...Well he started to scoot back and his pants kinda got in the way....His boy part came up and shot me in the leg! I cracked up! I was trying to disguise what was happening so Grandma in the next stall wouldn't realize what happened when Bubba all the sudden shouted LOUD, "Oops Mama, I sorry, Dere pee on you leg!" HAHAHAHA...I shushed him and was almost peeing the rest of my pants laughing. I grabbed a wet one and scrubbed my pants and he said again, "I so sorry Mommy, dere pee on you pants!"....hahaha

-Just a few moments ago I was feeding ladybug and noticed Bub was pantsless. He brought me his underwear and pants and said "Mommy, what's dis?" ...No my kid is in fact 3 and I have not taught him the proper word for his part. So I did. I shared the real word with him and pulled up his pants. He said "Mommy, dat p-nis (pointing to part) and dat Baby (pointing to his sister)!" What the two had in common, I have no idea...But gosh I am still laughing at my kid! I am going to venture to say that the word "p-nis" is definitely going to be screamed loudly in public soon....

(I am leaving out the "E" in the word so as to avoid weird ads on my sidebar!) Let's see if it works!


  1. Ha! Aren't kids awesomely funny like that? I'm sure I will experience something similar in a few years when my son gets to be that age.

    Great blog!

  2. LOVE IT! I woke Jaron up a couple of weeks ago during the night to pee...right after I showered...only to be met with a a spot that was becoming increasingly warm and larger...then only to finally notice that Jaron was peeing on me too! Don't worry girl, it shouldn't be so "dangerous" with Ladybug!!! ;o)