Thursday, October 8, 2009

Work it out B!

Did you miss us? Of course right? We've all been a little under the weather here at the Farn. Mommy caught a cold and passed it to Bubba, who passed it to Ladybug...who is still getting over it! And of course we have been keeping to ourselves and out of the public to keep our germs where they home. But most feel better and I never skipped a day of my 30 day Wii active challenge. If you have Wii, and not the game, go get it. Unless you are like super built post baby and don't need a little which case, we could never be friends. haha...No seriously, Wii Active rocks! I set my girl to the fattest they had and she still didn't look as chubby as me...Thanks for the flattery Wii. I've only yelled at my (fake) personal trainer twice during the first week, and limited my profanity to 2 words. Ya know, I LOVE the praise she gives me, "You are working really hard today, keep up the good work!"...But does she really need to flash the words "TOO SLOW" in all caps as I am running to 'cool down'...and what is a RUNNING cool down? Isn't that an oxymoron? I sure did feel like a moran as she 'yelled' at me! But I have completed my first goal and am on my way to shedding, baby, pregnancy, pregnancy, baby weight!

It has been amazing having J home with me lately. Raising 2 kids is MUCH easier with a partner! He takes on a lot and we are managing well even with the wrath of Ladybug. Can we say DEMANDING? I love her to death and could not imagine her any other way than her, but if I only have babies like Bubba for the rest of our lives, I would not mind at all. I jokingly told J that I now want Baby 3 sooner than I thought...but added "as long as he/she isn't as demanding as Ladybug"....What if they were? Oh goodness. I haven't taken Xanax in a few weeks but would down those babies like crazy with another Bug! But don't worry, we must wait at least until she is 1 to try again...Mommy's poor uterus needs a break!

So the house is trashed and I really don't care. We are moving in about a month or so and I keep imagining a bigger, less cluttered, house with a basement for a playroom. We need more first floor space here and I never thought I'd say this but I miss the GA house layout. Why can't I just be happy with a home I am in? I always want more, or less of this, and more or less of that...Maybe that is why when we get out of the military, we are building our own home the way we want it...But if you didn't already know, that is a long way off. J signed a contract and we are excited to see what is in store for us in the future. Be a few years he will deploy for an entire 6 months at a time. Think back to April of this year and imagine not seeing someone from then until now...Yikes. Bub will be about 6 and Ladybug 3 when Daddy does his first long deployment. Hopefully we have another baby by then and are in full swing with homeschooling so the kiddies will keep busy! But, our future is full, secure, and bright and we are anxiously awaiting our move to Vermont next month! Stay tuned for more crazies from the Farn! We're always up to something!

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