Friday, October 2, 2009

Reunited and it feels so gooood!

Yay! The second eldest in the family is home! Yup, you heard it right...I'm the oldest in this home, but only by 4 months!!! Daddy is back from deployment and boy did we miss him. Bubba went nutty when he saw Daddy walk to the car...and boy was Daddy excited to see both kiddos! We immediately went home to get started on the pumpkin cake! Bub has been asking for a pumpkin decorated cake since he saw a picture of one in his scrapbook! So Daddy complied and they had a ball. Ladybug warmed right up to Daddy too! He had been gone for half of her little life!

So it is much easier with Daddy here, and Ladybug put herself into a routine/schedule/pattern over the past 2 weeks. I succesfully found a parking spot this week at the Dr's office too! Both kids are healthy...Bubba (age 3.5) weighed in at 40.3 pounds and over 3 and a half feet tall...Ladybug (age 10 weeks) weighed in at 10 pounds 11 ounces, and is 22.75 inches long! Both super healthy!~ Pork and Beans are excited to have Daddy back too! After a jaunt around town, they are securely in the yard waiting patiently for some jogs with Daddy...speaking of them galavanting the town...I must let you all in on their latest adventure...the one I call "The One with the Dogcatcher"... (an excerpt from an email to J)

"Yup, you heard it, Dogcatcher. Our annoying neighbor B!!! I went to take the trash
out and he started yapping and Pork and Beans slipped by...They were
gone for about an hour and a half. I woke Ladybug from her crib and
drove around asking people...then the man across the street with the
lab said he'd go look, as well as the young guy Matt next to him. They
all took my number and finally after we all searched, and I even
called Humane Society...the Lab guy called me back. He said they were
on their way home because he saw the dogcatcher getting them from
someones yard! He went to the Dogcatcher and told her where we
lived...He was so helpful! He even said if I ever needed anything to
ask him and his wife...very nice people...So Beans crapped again in
his crate so he might be dying or something but both are passed out on
the floor from running! Asses."

So anyway, we are reunited for quite some time...Our shore tour starts soon enough and that will keep Daddy with us for at least 2 years! 2 years of no deployments and normal working hours, WOW, what will we do with all that free time? Maybe have another baby? hmmmmm there's a thought!

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