Sunday, September 20, 2009

So it begins....

After talking to friends and family, I have decided to start blogging!! I need an outlet, let's face it! I don't want to take up space on my kid's baby webpage, because honestly, no one goes there for anything but the cute baby pics! Here I have the freedom to write what I want, ramble, and share my chaos with anyone willing to listen! For those of you who know me in person, I sure love to talk...and share my opinions, so this is perfect for me...

A quick start...30 year old married Mama of 2 little ones here and 2 angels above. I have a 3 year old boy (Bubba) who on a good day drives me crazy to put it nicely. He has more energy than a fraternity on a Friday night...We were also just blessed with an adorable, spiky haired blonde bundle of love...(Ladybug)...she my friends is also referred to quite often here as DRAMATICA! Colic, crying, cuteness...her things.

My hot husband also just turned 30, finally closing that 4 month gap with me. He has a very (un)interesting job with the good ole' U S of A. We're military and super proud of it...although you won't find giant stickers or magnets on our cars, or big flags in the front of the house (mostly because I am too lazy to deal with Flag Etiquette)...It's his job, not our life...If you have met us in person you'd call us loud, funny, obnoxious, and the best of friends. My husband is super funny and pulls out one-liners the likes of Letterman. He's quick with it too. Be jealous. I am. Wish I was that funny.

The FarNyard. Bubba at age 3 started singing one day, "All the animals in the farnyard", in this adorable sing-song toddler voice. We went to a farm after that, and ever since when he sees a farm animal he sings it. We call our house the FarNyard because it is nothing short of that. We have 2-4 year old labradors...Pork and Beans. Pork is a black lab and Beans is a runt chocolate lab. Our days with them are comedic at best. Pork has anxiety, like me...and Beans has epilepsy. You can't make this crap up. So one wears a shock collar and the other takes Phenobarbital. I, in case you are wondering, take Xanax. It's great. You should try it.

My house is messy, and my husband is a neatfreak. That makes for some interesting disputes here. I tell him we are Jon and Kate. I'm loud, bossy, and really annoying at times. He is laid back, easygoing, but way hotter than stupid thug Gosselin. He did tell me once, "You are no where near as mean as Kate", which later turned into, "You are close, but not as bad"...see the pattern? I'll be here in no time, especially since we just added a kiddo to the mix.

Ok so that is us...hope you like chaos, because boy is there a ton here!!! We love comments, nice ones...and we'll tolerate some not so nice ones...but really, if you get mean, you get booted. Be nice....Say our friend, come to the FarNyard!


  1. I am officially following you! So happy that you started this page. I hope it can help give you some peace of mind. Did you put the 'colicky baby' sign up yet?

  2. I totally didn't, too chicken...But, if we get Jehovah's Witnesses again anytime soon...they are getting a sign. Just like the pamphlet they left me while I was away.