Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The One With The Crate and The Clinic

4am, tiny bark...I ran my 'still carrying a ton of baby weight' butt down the stairs to let Beans out, knowing what was about to transpire...You guessed it, crap in the crate...Darn it Beanie! I said screw it, I am not cleaning this thing out right now, I am too tired! So I scooted it out the back door, along with my 2 furry friends. It was 4am and I just knew that they were going to bark to be let back in. BUT, they didn't! Yay for sleeping in! For some reason they didn't mind being out there at night. (Or wee dark hours) But seriously, what is his deal? Swine flu. I am going to have to get him to his vet soon if it doesn't stop...He does go through this about once a year and we never know why.

So Ladybug gets up at 8ish and I feel like I hit a brick wall. I decided to call and cancel my appt because I am feeling a bit under the weather. Call the number, and I get this..."We have you down for tomorrow at 10:30am not today"...Rewind 9 weeks. I went in to the clinic for my 38 week checkup. Take Bubba with of course, and they tell me that my 9am appt is actually a 2pm appt and I'd have to come back. I whipped out THEIR card that said 9am and handed it to them. They proceeded to tell me I had to come in at 2...Long story short, I made a scene, as usual, and was seen. Tomorrow when I go in, they are getting not only an earful, but THEIR card back, mistake and all. Idiots. You know I stayed up late packing the kids' bag because they go with, and I didn't want it to take us 2 hours to get out the door. I would have been beyond ticked if I rolled my double stroller in there with 2 whiners and they turned me away...Totally would have hit someone with that stroller.

So we're home today, may run some errands but that annoys me..So much work to get a newborn and a newly potty trained kid out the door for a few things. Speaking of potty, last night whilst cleaning Beans crate of crap, Bubba comes out and says (after having NO accidents for 4 weeks now, not even at night) "Mommy look I potty floor, hahahaha", pointing and laughing at the pee on the floor. I was like, "Is this happening? Does he actually think this is hilarious? Can he be that evil?" He was laughing so hard as if it was intentional. I just nicely DRAGGED him into the shower while I swiffered that floor....Nutty! And then as if to rub it in my face, after I undress him for shower (he had just taken a bath earlier) he hops on the toilet and lets a drip come out. "Mommy, I potty!"....You sure did kid.

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