Friday, February 12, 2010

The one with the cliff....

Ah, so I never blog anymore! What is going on here you ask? Actually you don't ask because I doubt anyone comes here anymore! Well to make it short, Ladybug runs this place. Runs my life, every second of it! And I really wouldn't have it any other way. Jameser keeps me SOOOO busy as well. I really don't think the true daily blogging will come until our next sea tour when J deploys and I am all alone at night! His work schedule is amazing here and we just spend so much time together!

So Ladybug turned 6 months, and definitely has NEVER slept through the nite. James turns 4 in April and is doing exceptional as always! We are headed for a little speech help soon but all in all, he is great! I am getting my behind kicked by Tony of Power 90 (precursor to P90X)...That guy, whooo-eeee tiring.

But, I do have a funny/annoying/scary/glad it wasn't you story for ya. Here in frozenville it takes me FOREVER and a day to get the kids bundled and out to the warmed up car, buckled into their carseats and on our way somewhere. I actually usually just call J at work to get me really is cold here. BUT, I hadn't left the house with the kids in 4 days so I knew we all needed out. I planned my day around the trip to Walms and Shaws. (I have to plan EVERYTHING around Leelee's naps)...So we started. I had James go potty, slipped my crocs on to go get the car warmed up, came back in and dressed Leelee in her bunting, buckled her in her infant seat, bundled James and walked him out. It is sooooo icy here that I have to hold hands with him and take each kid one at a time. Came back in to grab diaper bag and baby...we are all in, the car is still not warm but not frigid so we are good. I had a little more than a quarter tank of gas on Monday so I figured all was well....not so much in my crapster of a minivan. If that car is on the tiniest incline, that gas drains out of the I put it in reverse and let up the e-brake. (We live on a GIANT cliff and I always use the e-brake) yeah I started going FORWARD and the car would no longer turn over. I turned it off and waited and was thinking, I just need to reverse about 5 feet and I will be on the flat part of the driveway...I knew the gas would drain back into the tank that way...(I learned all this when I was stuck nose down in a tunnel in VA, 9 months pregnant, with James, and no water, in summer)....wish you were THERE don't you? ;)

So I tried again and the van really went FORWARD. At this point I had to give up or face drifting off a huge thanks. I love my kids, I love my husband, I want to live.

Poor Daddy came home a couple hours later with gas to help us though! We finally did make it out and everyone was still in good spirits. James even brought me his Handy Manny tools so he could "fix da car Mommy". I told him the gas tank was broken and he said "Mom, dis da tools, we can fix it!" haha

That van sucks to be honest with you. It really cost a pretty penny too. We are getting rid of it in May and getting a giant Suburban to hold all the littles....I probably should have brought the kids in and let that baby go right off that cliff! Hmmmm, there's an idea!