Monday, February 22, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Yes, to the sound of music! ;) Love that movie! So I have always wanted to do a favorite things post! Now just so you know, my favorites DO change....and since these faves are baby/toddler things I can tell you they are my CURRENT faves...most I did not find until recently, or at least with the second born...So I would like to share with you the things I LOVE on a daily basis! They may work for you too! If you have questions about any of them, please ask! LOVE LOVE LOVE...

Gerber (Nestle) Good Start Protect Plus Formula
This stuff is so amazing! Ladybug went through 4 formulas before we found this. It is so gentle and made with already broken down whey protein and is super easy for digestion. It also contains probiotics which must be working because she only ever had 2 small colds! Love this stuff....will use it again with future children FIRST in hopes it saves hours/days of tears!

Avent Bottles
I love these! The newer BPA-free ones have one more part than the older ones...which contained BPA and I used for my son for 18 months, lovely. But I really love these. I hated the Dr. Brown's that Ladybug finally got used to. I was afraid that once she started holding her own bottle they would be a leaky nightmare! Avent, best!

Soothie pacifiers
Love these too! My daughter will only take these. I tried the Gumdrop ones which are lighter in weight and more curved to the face but she prefers the good ole' green ones!

This goes with above. Ladybug's is a monkey and it is soooooo adorable. I don't use it often because she tends to play more with it, but in the car it is phenomenal! She can put it back in herself!

Baby Einstein Exersaucer
I got this for 20 bucks off of Craigslist and for as much as she uses it, I would have paid 200 for it!

Eddie Bauer Kingston Highchair
This is so cute! It matches my home with its dark wood and small size. It is a full size high chair but doesn't seem to take up as much room as the giant plastic ones!

Boppy pillow
I am using Bubba's for Ladybug with a cute flower cover. She learns to sit propped against it and has tummy time as well on it....If I need to multitask (drink coffee), I can lay her in it to feed her!

Sophie Giraffe Teether
Yes I spent the money for this, but she uses her all the time! I love the classic look to it and it is very lightweight, one of her first toys.

Avent Front Teeth teether
I loved this so much! It was perfect size for her hands, until we lost it in a store....need another!

Fisher Price bouncy seat
We are using an old one from a family member but I love it...we also have the Fisher Price Papasan chair, which is ok....she does sit in that while I shower.

Graco Pack and Play
in our room for when family visits (we have a guest bed in her room)...I also prop her with pillows in there while I clean the upstairs. It will be making the trip to Disney with us in 3 weeks!

Ringley Natural Organic Teether
Also a favorite of Ladybug!

Avent sippy cups with handles
She just started using this last week and it works great! I also use the tops for Bubba's...

Klean Kanteen
Stainless water bottle that holds 12 ounces...He loves it and it is like a big kid sippy! Ladybug will get hers one day as well!

No Slippy Hair Grippy
Can't wait to use these! She almost has enough hair!

Pediped shoes
We just bought our first pair and they are amazing! These will be what she wears for the next 2.5 years! I am so over Stride Rite now!

Keen Newport Sandals
James' go -to shoes for the next many years...Spring-Fall. We live in a muddy,rocky,hilly, gravel-y area and these are perfect!

for both kiddos....and actually I have a pair that I wear to run out and heat up the car. I can't put my boots on and then drag snow/mud back in so I use these and leave them at the door!

Huggies Cucumber and Green tea wipes
Ah, Costco, thank you! These are amazing and I used to HATE Huggies wipes. As long as you keep the container above half, they come out perfecto!

Pampers Swaddlers
Perfect for newborns

Pampers Baby Dry 12 hour
These are great for at night, way better than Huggies Overnites, don't buy those!

Babylegs Legwarmers
Oh too cute! I will be putting these on any future sons as well...perfect in a diaper bag with a onesie for a change of clothes. Since it is cold here and I don't have many long-sleeved onesies, we use these to keep chubby little arms warm!

Angel Dear Lovey
We got a free flower one with a purchase and Ladybug loves this!

Silk-edged blankets
Our almost 4 year old Bubba and Mommy love these!

Gerber soft-bite spoons
These are sized much better than most baby spoons, for tiny little mouths!

Earth's Best jarred food and cereal
These are our foods of choice now for Ladybug...I will be buying Plum Organics soft pouch style for our Disney trip though....much easier to travel with.

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder/Avalon Organics Baby Powder
I use one of these at night to keep her dry and love them!

Method Baby (Target, I miss you Target), Burt's Bees Diaper Cream
These are great prevention for Diaper Rash, and are pretty good at clearing rash fast!

Lotrimin (Athlete's feet cream, I know GROSS!)
This was recommended by a pharmacist for severe diaper rash! I know it sounds odd but it totally clears up bad rashes in like an hour!

Graco Snugride
I have a love/hate relationship with this carseat but I do think it is great! It fits babies perfectly, and since Ladybug was 5 pounds 9 ounces coming home, it worked great! I still have her in it because she does fit it so well but she weighs 16 pounds and carrying her in it is soooooo difficult! I can't wait to move her to her...

Britax Marathon Carseat
I don't know if I love the safety, the cute fabric, or the price I bought it for best! I got this adorable yellow and pink floral marathon on Albee Baby for 179.99! Not kidding! Free shipping too! I bought it before she was born and made sure it had a 2009 manufacture date. I even put James in it and he still fits it! He us a huge almost 4 year old as well! Think 42 pounds, size 5 clothes, and size 12 feet!

Graco Nautlius
This is James' carseat and we love this as well. He is very tall and still in the second to highest harness slot. I forsee him being harnessed through age 5, maybe 6....It is a heavy carseat but we are so thankful to have him safely harnessed in this! When Ladybug outgrows her Marathon, she will get this as well.

Sit and Stand Stroller
I cannot say I LOVE this, but I do like it. It is a lot more roomy than the Joovy Caboose and a lot easier to steer...It is still pretty annoying though since it is so long but good for trips in smaller stores or smaller places...

Baby Jogger City Mini Double
This is a dream and was recommended by a good friend! I love it for both kids. As I said before, James is huge and fits in this well. He naps often in it and is fully covered from the elements. Jolee also fits this well and is now sitting more upright in it. There is a nice size basket, and huge pockets on the back of each seat for storage. The fold up is amazing, it is just a strap you pull, nothing else! We are buying the bag for it and taking it to Disney as well for very long days with tired babes!

Ju Ju Be Be All Diaper Bag
LOVE THIS! Pockets galore, made of wipeable teflon and even has tiny crumb holes to scoot out snack droppings! I can be so organized with this bag and it fits enough for both kiddos!

Hotslings Pouch Sling
This works great for us but I didn't like it with a newborn, for that I preferred my...

Moby Wrap
This saved me from colic, seriously I might have died.

Action Baby Carrier
This is my favorite carrier. I love having her face me and like that as she gets older, I can move her to my the prints are amazingly gorgeous!

Gymboree Clothing
I love this company. I buy 90% of the kids clothes there because the sizes are accurate, the clothes never wear out, and the kids look like children in them! No bikinis and horrible writings on things! I also shop during gumbucks time and always get good deals!

I also shop for many gadget-y things at One Step Ahead. I have bought winter wear for James, yoga pants for Jolee, teether toothbrushes, travel items and the like here....I also get good email deals from them!

hmmmmm what else...oh bath stuff...

We use Burt's Bees, Lil' Goat's Milk Petite chevre, Johnson's lavender, Hard lotion ( a recent find), and Johnson's Vapor Bath if someone has a cold!

I am looking for a good sunscreen for Disney....I will let you know what I come up with!

Ok, so have anything you think we might like? Comment here!


  1. Amber, we have so many of the same likes! As far as sunscreen, we love Banana Boat baby. It isn't natural, probably has horrible chemicals in it, but we used it the whole time we lived in GA and my fair skinned children never once burned. And we were outside alot! It really is tear free too, which alot of children's sunscreens aren't.

  2. Thanks! Do you know if it is hypoallergenic? Safe for my 7 month old?

  3. I agree with so many of your likes! Especially the shoes, we have been pediped and keen people for so long now! They're awesome! I wish Jack liked his Nautilus, he said it hurt him each time he rode in it so he's in the Britax Regent and loves it!

  4. Misty, we were going to get the Regent too, I actually cannot remember why we chose the Nautilus....That darn thing is heavy though!

    And the shoes, oh my you need a girl! I bought these little white mary jane ones! I can't believe how cute they are! Now question...socks or no socks? Like which is best?

  5. Amber, I don't seem to have a tube of the sunscreen leftover from last year, but it is labeled for babies and I think on the back it says for 6 months and up. So Jolee should be fine with it! I plan on using it for Isabella when we go to Disney in April, she'll be 8 months then. Another option is Aveeno baby sunscreen. This was recommended by our GA pediatrician for as young as 3 months. I never fully tested it though, just used it as a backup for when I was outside with Grace and Brendan and couldn't fully keep Abigail in the shade. She never burned, but she was never in the full sun for hours with it on either.