Monday, March 1, 2010

The One With All The Baby Crap, no not actual crap....

Disney World. 2 weeks away. And I am already stressing about the mounds of baby crap I need to pack. First let me tell you that we are staying at a Disney resort for 5 days and then heading to Jax for a wedding for 3 days. Soooooo, we are not renting a vehicle until the drive to Jax. What's the point? We can get a ride anywhere we need to go in Disney....that being said....I hate not having a car. But I also hate wasting money so we shall make do. Not having a car means taking ALL of Jolee's needs with us. Luckily we are flying on Southwest and can check 8+ things for free, although I need nowhere near that number...But packing diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, pack and play, sheets, ugh, babies need a lot of CRAP! So I already started slowly thinking of what we need. Swimsuits, sunscreen, stroller, jackets (not snowsuits), 2 carseats...ok I'll stop. You get the point. I'll forget something...probably one of my children. But I really cannot wait.

We are going as four and I think that is amazing. We are blessed. We have visited MANY places and seen many things together. But this is Jolee's first real trip and to Disney World of all places! Going to be amazing! ...

My new favorite show to DVR is Giuliana and Bill. I think they are such an adorable couple, and so hilarious! And now I want to watch the new Parenthood show coming on. Tuesday night is our tv night, there is AI, Lost, Paranormal State, and now Parenthood. Thank you Direct tv for DVR or we'd never know which show to choose, haha.

Ok my ladybug is starting to whine and I got like hmmm, zero sleep last I better run!


  1. I've been starting to think of everything we need to take too! Which stroller, which carriers, clothes, etc. We're driving, so at least we'll have the car, but still. I haven't started Isabella on solids yet and am wondering if I can hold her off that long. One less thing to pack and worry about! I can't forget me! Oh, and the resorts have pack and plays, or do you need it for Jax?

  2. I know Sarah, it is a lot to bring! I am not sure where we are staying yet in Jax and I don't want to chance it...We have had terrible luck before with places not having them and she is too little to sleep with us just yet...We are also flying Southwest and I bought Jolee's ticket so I can take a bunch of bags....I have decided on our big double stroller because we like to walk at night and both kids can sleep, a pouch sling, a ergo type carrier, lightweight pants and onesies for Jolee with sweaters, and pretty much the same for James....ugh, so much. If you do start solids before you go, Babies R Us/Toys R us sells these great organic mixes in pouch style. I think they are called Ella's and Plum Organics makes them too....You just twist the top off a capri-sun looking pouch and put it right on a spoon. Jolee loves them! They will take up a ton less space! I have to factor in space and weight in suitcases so they are great! I'll let you know when I am down there or back how it went and what came in handy, what I missed to help you out!

  3. Driving, truthfully, isn't much better. Our NY trip was a mess. And since I make the girls' baby food, I had to bring a cooler of pre-made purees and a bunch of frozen, diced, cooked foods like sweet potatoes and squash. They're at a REALLY awkward age for traveling. Plus clothes for the 3 and for me and for Justin... I didn't even have enough suitcases for all our crap. And even then, I forgot a belt for J. We're flying to CO in the summer this year and that means I have to go buy the Go-Go Kidz wheels for THREE car seats and take those on the flight with us and then rent a van when we get there because no one has a car big enough for all of us. Total flipping ordeal. I thought flying to CO with one kid was tough because I had to *gasp* buy an Exersaucer when I got there... Now, NOW I know what a travel nightmare TRULY is. Good luck and have fun! And don't stress too much - you're resourceful so if you forget something, you'll figure out how to make do - you can always send J out in a taxi to get what you need!