Thursday, June 3, 2010


I really am a bad blogger. It is only going to get worse as the kids get older, J heads back to sea tour, etc etc.... I really try to keep a log somewhere of the kids/our happenings but I get so tied up! Lately it has been keeping the floors somewhat clean, getting our homeschooling curriculums together, and gardening to name a few! I cannot believe how busy I am with 2 kids! And I want more? Ah, crazy!

We are enjoying shore tour so much! I really love Vermont and am finding out that I get along best in life in quiet places like this. I don't want to move back to a big city ever. I like breathing fresh mountain air, drinking freezing cold spring water, watching our trout jump in the pond, feeding treats to neighbor dogs, saying hello to the mailman as he drives packages down my long drive to my door, meeting new friends at an amazing church, watching James run into the nursery and hate to leave, watching lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, cukes, and broccoli grow like crazy in my own garden, and just plain enjoying the peace that comes with country-esque living. I could live here, forever. Jarrod works a mile away and is home every day for lunch....I have no idea how I will ever be able to leave this place....

That said, our marriage, our family life, our parenting has never been more fulfilling then now....

I am anxious to start our homeschool journey with James when our things arrive. We have enough to get us through until about age 7 so hopefully we love it all! We won't necessarily stick to a class type routine and we also won't completely "unschool", but a mixture of a few techniques. There are so many families here in Vermont that homeschool which is even more exciting. Although I won't normally "school" in the summer, we are getting started a bit this summer for language purposes...When we do officially start (at age 6 when it is required) we will "do school" about 4 days a week (a few hours a day at most) and leave at least one day for helping Mom with errands! Very happy we have chosen this!

Our summer is going to be quite exciting with a trip to see Thomas the train in New Hampshire followed by a long vacation in Maryland. With only a week at home, we will then head to Washington state for another long vacation. Hopefully squeezing in a trip to Quebec, our kids are really in for a busy time. In just a few weeks James will also hit a summer day camp! I hope he loves it! It is only for about 3.5 hours a day and I think he will do great!

Jolee is 10 months old and walking, another early one! I really thought/hoped she'd be later but here we are again at 10 months chasing little feet! She is so proud of herself and desperately tries to keep up with James and the dogs! She is THE loudest human being I have ever heard...and I am so glad. She needs a big voice for that tiny body! She grew in my belly as fiesty as ever, came out screaming and has never quieted since. She is the sweetest little girl I have ever met! I love watching her beautiful smile as she lights up at James, and then even her clenched fists when she hears, "no no"....She is going to give us a run for our money!

Busy busy bees we are...and loving life here! We see new creatures daily here and love adapting our lives to Vermont. I am pretty proud that we can move anywhere and figure out how to make it work....although this place sure does make it easy!


  1. :-) I'm so happy you all are so happy... just wish we were there to share it with you! Life away from sea-going vessels is freakin nice! Miss you guys and when you see him, tell Thomas Jack says hi!

  2. Awesome update!! Glad y'all are loving shore duty!