Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A full night of sleep....

I finally got one! Jolee and I have kinda been coming back from colds so it was sooooo amazing to actually have to wake her up this morning to get out of the house for Storytime! She is even napping right now as I sip my first cup of coffee for the day!

I did want to finally update a bit on the kiddos and life in chilly Vermont! I can't believe that we are already having 30 degree nights! I am trying to conserve the propane before the winter hits but do break down and run the heat at night. There is only so many blanket sleepers and covers I can keep the kids under! Vermont is gorgeous. I think my heart will secretly always long to be here. I love it. My kids are so happy here and so are J and I. We walk to our neighbors farm to pet some sheep and get eggs from the hens. James is so carefree here! He has developed an almost unhealthy obsession with all things farm. I don't know if trains have the number one spot in his life anymore! Can you believe it? So this year, it's all farm. He even wears a farm hat and calls himself "Farmer Jed" at times! (Farmer Jed is a character in a few of our books)....

Homeschool is coming along well, although we don't stress too much about it. Even kindergarten will be a bit lax here....James knows most of what is taught in kindergarten so we are working more on life skills like listening, obeying, proper tone in different situations, personal space, chores, telling time, counting, and those sorts of things. He has come very close to closing the gap with his speech delay. We are no longer getting help for it and he is rapidly improving. We don't notice much of a difference between him and his friends/other littles. He does talk a ton more than most kids so we are working on getting him to slow down and let others speak...but heck, I am still working on that for myself!

Jolee is a tiny firecracker! She is a world different than James was and is. She has an attitude like you wouldn't believe, yet she is a snuggly little Mama's girl. She loves music, rocking with Mama, being carried in a sling, strolling, her sleep-time baba's, her pacis, and all things girly. She loves wearing the shoes of everyone in the house! Her tutu collection has grown to 4, and she twirls away in them! I can't believe how well she sits at times for me to read to her, to do her hair, or just allow me to hold her. I never got that with Jamesie! Off the top of my head she says, Mama, Dada, Baba, Up, down, ow-side, Dah! (James), dog, dog (we have 2), yum, ball, uhs sat? (what's that?) and I am sure a few more. She is very vocal and doesn't babble as much as James did, but is trying to make words for things! Too fun!. She loves taking her Cabbage Patch doll on walks around the house in its stroller...and often takes the baby out by the hair, kisses its mouth, and tosses it aside to run faster with the stroller! Love it!

We had family in town and visited an amazing Vermont working farm. I will definitely be getting a membership next year for our family. There was sooooo much to do, and it was very hands-on for kiddos! Had a ball.

Jarrod is well into his master's degree and working very hard at it. He has gotten all A's, but spends a ton of time on schoolwork. I can't wait to see him graduate in the summer! He is also still loving his job here and I am sure will miss it when our time is up. We have been attending a lovely church since May and have developed quite a few great friendships. We are very involved at church and even sponsor ROTC students on Sundays. It is fun to bring a group of kids back to eat, watch football, and let them call home, sleep, and just get away. I am so glad that our church families know the importance of that for college students. Jarrod took advantage of that at the Naval Academy too!

We spend our weekends keeping warm, watching a TON of football thanks to the NFL ticket, and just enjoying lots of family time! I need to posts some pictures on here soon but never can find the time! Hope everyone is well, and getting ready for fall! We sure are in it here!

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  1. Great update! It sounds like your beautiful family is thriving in Vermont! I'm so happy for you guys. I love how you talk about James talking so much and how you're still working on that too with yourself. Jack talks non-stop and then everyone says "just like his mama" so I've been evaluating myself and how much I need to stop and listen more to others! I'm just always so happy to get to have adult conversation that I think I get too excited about it!