Monday, May 2, 2011

Fia, Fee, and our happenings....

Wow, I need to update more. Since I am 29 weeks I guess it has been 7 weeks since I last posted! Once we end shore tour here I am sure I will have more time to blog. I hope to one day be able to add more pictures, add cute backgrounds, and post daily but that is just a bit off for now.

In James news, he is doing well in school and anxiously awaiting kindergarten. He is reading most 3 letter words and sounding things out on his own all the time. I do hear "Mom, what spells this?" all darn day! ;) He spends most of his time riding his new power wheels-esque tractor outside, digging up anything he can, playing in water tables, helping Daddy burn boxes at the firepit, playing soccer outside, and just getting downright dirty! No amount of Oxiclean can save his beloved Mini Boden clothes! I went ahead and hit the $5 table at Walmart because I am sad (don't laugh) each time he gets the good stuff dirty! I have since moved my purchasing of better clothes onto the girlies....

Speaking of all things girlie, Miss Jolee will be 2 in July! I can't believe it! She is the cutest, tiniest, most aggressive ball of love you will ever meet. As sweet as can be in one moment, and a biter/pincher/hitter the next! I get the brunt of her frustration but I know when it is coming, and it is then that she gets tossed right into her crib for nap or bed. I can never let that child tire one minute past bedtime or I'm getting whacked! She doesn't play with toys much, or watch tv, so she hangs on me all day or at the door to go outside. My children could live outdoors if only you tossed them a sandwich and some watermelon here and there!

Both kids seem to be growing like weeds. James got on the scale and looks to be about 47 or so pounds. He is in size 5/6 clothing and 12 or 13 shoes! He is finally in a booster seat because he just can't fit in harnesses anymore! Jolee got on the scale and was hoping it would say 22 but no-go. She is about 21.5 pounds now. She is getting a bit taller so she fits her 18 month clothing better. I did buy 24 month for summer but whoa, only the dresses will fit and albeit long. Her size 5 shoes fit great but we bought size 6 in case she needs a new pair this summer!

Thea Hope is probably a giant by the looks of my belly. I get a first weight sonogram for her this Friday to see what she weighs...I think James weighed 3 pounds at this point and I never had a check for Jolee. Thea is my strongest baby so far and both children enjoy feeling her kicks. James refers to her as Fia and Jolee calls her Fee. Both kiss my belly, and pull my shirt up at the most inappropriate times. Luckily the belly is pretty and no stretch marks so far! I pray daily for the safe arrival of my girl and wonder every night during Braxton hicks contractions, if she is going to just fall out soon. This pregnancy is hard! Whoa, that is an understatement. I am in pain most nights after dinner because whenever I do ANYthing more than sit, I feel like she is going to pop out....And I still have a ways to go!

Vermont is um, well...pretty still but I won't shed tears when we leave. I am ready for civilization again! I will miss the super tiny class sizes and school system that has been amazing for James!

Things are up in the air a bit as far as when/where we go next but in due time we should know more....Jarrod is rocking his Masters degree with a 3.85 gpa and is set to walk the stage June 17ish....I can't wait to see him complete what has been a really daunting task! It makes me totally reconsider grad school for one day when all the kiddos have left the nest! It is no joke!

The kids and I are headed to MD for next week while Jarrod has the students' graduation. It is too hectic of a week for me to stick around and $100 round trip flights were calling James', Jolee's, and my name! The last week of May we will also be making the drive to MD...whilst I am 32/33 BLAH! weeks prego! J is having Lasik done in Bethesda and we are tagging along to stay at my parent's house.....Wow, busy.

We finally got things out of the attic and washed for Miss Thea because we are not here most weekends in May! Once we get back from all of our travels(there are other work/Navy related trips in there too) it will be June and she'll be coming any day! This time is just going to fly by!

There is so much more I want to write about Osama's death and the history being made but I have small people to tend too! I promise to update more when I can! Love to all!

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  1. Love the updates! Stay safe in your travels!