Thursday, March 10, 2011

22 weeksish

A few more days and I will be 22 weeks pregnant! We are having another beautiful daughter, Thea Hope. I am really enjoying my pregnancy with Thea because she kicks often to let me know she is more sickness, just complete exhaustion. I do credit the 2 older children for that last part ;)

James is doing great in school and isn't too fond of days off. I however, am missing him more and more each day. I do watch the clock for the whopping 2.5 hours he is in school and am excited to get to him in the afternoons! I am definitely not throwing homeschool out just yet! He is making vast improvements in language and is reading quite a bit of words I didn't know he knew! I've yet to formally teach the child anything, yet he amazes me with all he knows. This summer we are working on handwriting...which has greatly improved already. I need to keep him ahead of the curve next year since we anticipate moving mid-year. We are undecided on whether we will homeschool or send him to Catholic school, but if the latter, he'll need to pass acceptance tests and our schools run under the state averages.

Jolee is a still a tiny peanut at a whopping 21 pounds! She is slowly getting into her 18 month clothing and a trip to Target (2 hours away) yielded many a matching outfit in sizes Newborn and 24 months. They are not twins of course, but a girl can pretend right? If Thea comes out the size of James, they will definitely be in the same sizes at some point!

The girls (I love the sound of that) are shacking up together after the first few months. I have to order a matching crib for Thea soon....It is going to be adorable to see 2 girls in cribs, side by side...and then toddler beds, ah...melts my heart!

Jarrod's work is out of control busy. I don't even really have words for it. He also graduates with his Masters this summer and that is even more exciting! I can't believe he accomplished so much while here! Me, on the other's just blah here now. I miss friends, malls, places to go, game nights, football just doesn't happen here and it's been a long year. Where we used to want to extend to stay in Vermont (because the place really is gorgeous)....we miss things so much. Having Thea this summer will surely keep us busy though!

The snow is ridiculous! We have 10 foot mounds everywhere and as I write this, is snowing.

We are headed to Michigan to see lots of J's family....most I've never met. It is a haul though, road trippin' 14 plus hours with the kids! Yikes!

I will take lots of pictures though! Our adventure will last 9 days and I'm sure be full of tot chaos!

Stay tuned for more updates, trip photos, and info on Miss Thea!

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