Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't worry, there are no pictures....

I lost my camera. Our 120 plus pictures from our Disney World trip are now non-existent. We have a few from our Disney Photo pass card but that is it. I'm sad. My daughter's first airplane pictures....My son's first roller coaster, no pictures. I'll stop now. I decided I am going to make a list of highlights for my own record. I am going to scrapbook them with the few pictures I do have, and the tickets and what not...So some great memories were had...

-Both kids did amazing on both flights! Jolee slept a lot and James watched Peter Pan...They are great travelers.

-Wilderness Lodge was beautiful, the food even better. I actually went on vacation for 9 days and never gained a pound!

-We were elated to see the towel characters that the staff left on our beds for us...a bunny, a turtle, and a towel-igator! They were adorable!

-The transportation was great! We didn't have to drive at all and were always lucky to get buses fast!

-My heavenly double jogger stroller that James preferred to sit in often. Both kids were great in it and shared blankets...4 must be the magical age for wanting a ride!

-James caught a 24 hour stomach bug and puked in the resort pool...they had to shut it down to clean...the Gaz kids don't mess around.

-We ate every last snack and meal on our dining plan and won't ever go to Disney again without a meal plan! We saved so much money and the ease of getting food made the trip.

-Both kids got lots of souveniers and we only spent $336 bucks the whole week (above the cost of the trip)...including a giant Mickey train that James adores!

-Jolee got her first pink Mickey ears and a Baby's First Christmas ornament (yes we forgot it this year)...

-A tinkerbell costume on a baby is to die for!

-James hated all shows. We left Lion King early at Animal Kingdom, and sat for 3 minutes at Nemo and had to leave before it started. He freaked at every show....

-except for Country Bear Jamboree, but he was exhausted and it was approaching 10pm so he must have been delirious.

-He refused to ride Dumbo, Snow White, and most rides, but rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a roller coaster. I can't figure it out either.

-We rode It's a small world 3 times, and Peter Pan twice...He has a fondness for Captain Hook!

-Jolee lost a shoe at Downtown Disney. I checked Lost and Found twice but never came up with it. Thankfully it was a Babies R Us shoe and not a pediped.

-We lost a bottle there too...and a camera we will stop talking about soon.

-Jolee tried to lose another shoe at the wedding but I found it.

-We gave up on shoes and socks.

-Jarrod and I drank at Epcot, I had 2 or 3 drinks (a margarita in Mexico that was sooooo strong, champagne in France, and wine in Italy)...Jarrod drank a beer from each country except Canada, we couldn't find the Canadian beer.

-We rode one ride at Epcot and bolted for the World Showcase, we had a ball!

-We visited the train display in Germany 3 times. It might have been James' fave inspired the purchase of the Micky train (which is giant!)

-Animal Kingdom was fun, I wish we could have seen more shows....J did get to see Lion King while James and I waited outside. Jolee passed out in Jarrod's arms after 5 minutes so he watched the show alone.

-J also rode some "big kid" rides alone too, but Fastpass made it fun!

-J and James rode Kali River Rapids, a semi-big kid ride.

-We went to Downtown Disney 3 times and loved it every time!

-We had Ghirardelli ice cream while the kids napped in the stroller.

-We ate at T-Rex without waiting in line...Don't try for reservations, they only book 10%, the rest is first come- first serve...

-I had grilled shrimp that I can still remember were DELICIOUS!

-James hated the whole experience and the lifelike mammoth we sat under. Maybe it was because they come to life every 10 minutes.

-Jarrod and I got drinks there too.

-We drank daily and yes, had the kids with us...perks of free transportation.

-We went to Lego-World with the rest of the's not that great. The statues are amazing and we took great pics there, ugh. But the big kids take up all the lego building tables.

-People are rude and don't let strollers through anywhere.

-Jarrod runs our giant jogger into those people.

-They probably won't cut off strollers anymore.

-We watched the Electro-Magic Parade and Jolee was in awe of all the lights. She sat on Daddy's lap and just stared at everything.

-We made a dash from frontierland to the front entrance before the fireworks to avoid that chaos.

-We made it to the ferry in time to see the fireworks!

-Our ferry almost ran aground on the way back to the Wilderness Lodge. Trees came into the ferry seconds after Jarrod said "I think this guy is about to run us aground."

-I asked Jarrod on the trip if he knew how to drive a boat. What was I even thinking? Navy, submariner, multi-million dollar piece of machinery...yeah, totally forgot all that.

-Jarrod wore a Mickey shirt to Disney and it rocked...James had a retro one as well.

-James and J drove the cars at Tomorrowland and James carried his little paper license around all day.

-Jolee loved her pouch style food and Daddy even squirted it right into her mouth. He also gave her her first taste of ice cream. She is a Daddy's girl.

-James cried waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean but I love that ride and forced him to ride...He finally liked it at the end....Jolee loved everything.

I am so sad that my bag broke on the plane and the contents went everywhere. I wish we had triple checked for everything and I might not have left the camera on the aircraft. I still hold out hope that it is making it's way to the Dallas Lost and found headquarters. There were over 120 pictures of the kids, our family, and our amazing time. I wish I had more to show my kids one day....And I promise to take them back one day soon to recreate a lot of what we did.

We truly had an amazing time at a magical place!


  1. I'm so sorry about your camera, but glad that you blogged all your fab memories!!! Hope y'all are recovering nicely!

  2. Ahh...sorry about your camera but at least you've documented your memories on here and your scrapbook! The wilderness lodge rocks as well as drinking and riding buses, ha ha ha. Glad it was a fabulous trip!

  3. Amber,
    I hope your camera finds it's way back to you! Great blog of your trip. We were there in December and our kids loved it! Animal Kingdom was great.

  4. So far the camera has not made it my way...But I am asking for an even better one for my birthday! I'll make lemonade out of this for sure! ;)