Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bullet points are annoying...

- It's hot. Vermonters need AC. It feels like we are sandwiched in between a few mountains and the heat just suffocates us. It is like 75-80 degrees that I am talking about.
- I need to get a grip and embrace the fact that it is warm for 2 months out of 12.
- I'm still sweating in my non-ait conditioned house.
- We joined a new church that is amazing! James loves the kids program/nursery and we love the people we are meeting.
- Jolee hates the kids program...ok, well she hates being away from Mama.
- Mama is going to work the nursery in 2 weeks to help her get adjusted! ;)
- Our pastor and youth pastor baptized 7 people today....3 adults and 4 teens.
- Baptism's are beautiful and bring tears to my eyes.
- I was baptized in a lake when I was 14 and remember it, and the way I felt like it were yesterday.
- I am so happy we have found a church home.
- We are finally making friends and our days are really busy! James is having a ball!
- He heads to half day summer camp tomorrow and I am about to puke.
- I worry about him getting lost, drowning, child molesters, giant bugs biting him, someone making fun of him, and even crazier stuff.
- I am so glad we are homeschoolers and I don't have to almost puke every school year.
- Our homeschool things arrived and I was going to start this summer but our summer filled up so fall it is!
- Jolee is running. Not walking...It's beyond crazy how fast she is. She is actually a better, faster, walker than James was even though he was earlier. She walks in shoes like she has been doing it for years, instead of just a month!
- She says "Mama" "Dada" "Baba" and "DAH" for James....She actually stands at the gate and yells "DAH!" until he comes and talks to her!
- Pork's shock collar is the best 200 bucks we've ever spent. He goes from barking loud to instant peaceful silence each morning and remains quiet for the entire day.
- Our garden is absolutely hilarious! It is growing like mad and we can't eat enough salad to save our lettuce. We are resorting to giving it away! I can't wait to plant more next year!
- Vermont birds are fat. We fill our feeder in the evening and it is gone by morning...I don't even get to see the darn things eat!
- Stevie the Beavie, actually a woodchuck, has 2 fat friends/family members.
- Woodchucks do not eat goldfish crackers, nor do they move when you throw the fish at them.
- Peta would not appreciate the above statement.
- We have a busy summer planned with trips to MD and WA and possibly Canada.
- We bought a new Yukon and it could fit 4 more people than we have in this house in it.
- We better start working to fill it.
- Gas will most assuredly hit 4 bucks a gallon now that we bought that thing!
- I rarely blog anymore because my kids tire me out! I don't even have time to shower some days and I'd much rather read more interesting blogs than writing in my own....I'm quite boring huh?


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